Who Are The Most Famous Baccarat Players Around The World?

Have you ever tried playing a game of baccarat? This popular table game has been popular around the world for many years now and tons of people in Canada enjoy playing a round of it. Whether you enjoy playing baccarat at home or at your local casino, there is a lot of fun to be had. There really is something great about playing classic games that everyone enjoys!

Below, we thought we would look at some of the most famous baccarat players around the world. Read on to hear more about the players who have made a name for themselves in this game.

Akio Kashiwagi

You may have heard of Akio Kashiwagi who is also named ‘The Warrior’ for his impressive performances in this game. Starting out as a real estate agent, Akio went on to play baccarat professionally and become one of the most famous players out there. He won a lot of money over the years but also lost as he wasn’t afraid to gamble it all. His last game took place in Atlantic City where he gambled it all and lost, resulting in his death eventually. While some people have suggested that he was killed for not paying his debts, this was never proven.

Henry Tamburin

If you pay attention to this industry and enjoy playing a game of baccarat online every now and again, you might be surprised to hear that the next famous player on our list was not a gambler. Henry Tamburin was a chemistry professor and enjoyed a career at the University of Maryland. However, his skills in calculations allowed him to make a name for himself as a baccarat player. While it is not possible or legal to fix a game of baccarat, having a deeper knowledge of mathematics can be very useful. He went on to write numerous books on his strategy. 

Frank Scoblete

Did you know that Frank Scoblete actually wrote more than 20 books on this popular casino game over the course of his career? He is one of the oldest baccarat players in the world and he is considered an expert on the game. For those hoping to learn a bit more about this classic game, we recommend checking out some of the books that have been published by Frank over the years. You might just learn a thing or two!

James Bond

The last name on our list might sound a bit strange as he is a fictional character, but we needed to mention his impact on the game. Many experts believe that baccarat is now as popular as it is due to the success of the James Bond 007 movies and how they spoke of the game. Before some of the James Bond movies, people were playing baccarat but not quite as much as they are now. While James Bond played a few different card games across the movies, baccarat was his favourite.

Who Will Be Next?

While baccarat might not be the most popular casino table game, it certainly has grown in popularity over recent years. Whether you enjoy playing it online or with friends, you can have some fun and possibly even win while you are at it. These baccarat players have done a great job of making a name for themselves, but they won’t remain the most famous players for long. Many don’t even play anymore and so they are making way for the new players who will take the crown from them in this classic casino game.



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