How does the Canadian iGaming market stack up against its US rival?

If you have been following the iGaming industry on a global scale recently, then perhaps you would have seen the fact that it is beginning to experience plenty of growth in Canada in recent times.

Indeed, the passing of the C-218 Bill in Ontario has allowed for this activity - as well as single-sports betting - to be made legal in the country’s most populous province, thus allowing players to be able to use an established platform that provides casino bonuses for new and existing players safely as they are protected by the laws and regulations to have been implemented.

North America has certainly undergone plenty of change in recent years in regard to the iGaming industry, with the Great White North’s neighbors having also experienced a huge amount of change over the last five or so years. But, how does Canada stack up against the U.S. when it comes to this particular market?

The US iGaming market has been on a growth spurt over the last few years

Prior to 2018, it would have been fair to say that the U.S. iGaming market was somewhat lagging behind when compared to its Canadian rival. This was due to the fact that - with a few notable exceptions such as Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey - most states in America had not passed any legislation to make online gambling legal.

However, this all changed in 2018 when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which had previously prevented states from legalizing sports betting. This Act had been in place since 1992, and so its overturning meant that states were now free to pass their own legislation in regard to sports betting - and many have done just that.

This has ultimately led to the U.S. perhaps surpassing the Canadian market, although with continued developments being experienced, that is not to say that the Great White North is not doing too badly itself.

Are there similarities between the two markets?

It could be argued that there are a number of similarities between the two markets, with Canada and the U.S. continuing to offer their residents with a variety of the same experiences.

For instance, we have seen a number of casino platforms become legalized in certain states and provinces where they are able to offer players with an abundance of choice when it comes down to playing their favorite games, while also providing them with the opportunity to be able to utilize an array of different bonuses and promotions that are continually being offered to incentivize them and make them join.

Additionally, both countries have ensured that regulations are strict, which ensures that players are able to gamble safely and be protected as much as possible whenever they decide to have a gaming session online.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty clear to see that the Canadian iGaming market stacks up in a rather comparable way to the U.S., with both continuing to provide their residents with the best experiences possible, while also seeing the industry continue to evolve and develop further in their own borders.


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