Plus Size Girls - The Skinny Jean Debate

Skinny jeans are everywhere this year, and for winter 2012-2013, there is no exception. You see the likes of Victoria Beckham rocking these skin tight pants, looking hot and amazing, and it gives you so many ideas for how to wear different items in your closet. The only problem is, of course, when it comes to piecing the outfit together and standing in front of the mirror, things take a very different turn – you look nothing like the iconic Mrs. Beckham. In fact, your legs look like two carrots that have been not so delicately stuffed into the world’s skinniest pants, and no amount of accessories are going to make them look any better.

So how do you be a big girl in a skinny world? How do you rock the latest fashion crazes, such as the lusted after skinny jeans? The trick, of course, is to be smart – you don’t necessarily have to dress like the latest skinny fashionista’s in order to be seen as fashionable. It is simply a matter of taking one piece of fashionable clothing and customizing it to meet your needs and your body type.

“If you haven't got it, fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!”

This very famous quote as said by the very fabulous Victoria Beckham is the heart of any skinny jean debate. If your legs look less than desirable in the latest skinny jeans, chuck a pair of killer heels on. If you can’t manage Christian Louboutin-esque style stiletto’s, try a pair of wedges; these give you much more stability, especially if you are bigger on top, and any pair of legs look a thousand times better when accentuated with a nice pair of heels. Nude heels at the bottom of skinny jeans will make the legs look longer and thinner, but any color will give you the same effect as long as they are high enough.

Let’s look at what a skinny pair of jeans has to offer the average Skinny Minnie – they hug the booty, thighs and hips, as well as having a completely skin tight fit down to the ankle. Any bigger girl will tell you that this is the absolute definition of fear – a pair of pants so tight; you can see every wrinkle through the fabric. Bearing this in mind, why not give another try a go? Why not look for skinny jeans but in one size bigger than you would normally buy? With the assistance of a belt, and perhaps a stitch or two at the top, rear of the pant, you aren’t suffering from the dreadful “muffin-top” and nor are you wearing something so tight, it could pass for Lycra. At the same time, head for a stretchy pair that will have plenty of give. This is advisable for any skinny jean, in fact, especially if you want to wear them during THAT time of the month. A bit of stretch will hide a multitude of sins!

There are plenty of designers out there that actually design skinny jeans for bigger girls, managing to combat many of the problems that bigger girls have when they wear them. This is the perfect place to start, especially if you are a beginner of the skinny jean craze. In reality, you should be looking to “wear your curves” rather than letting your curves wear you, and with the specific designers for bigger girls, you will often find that their clothing ranges, and not just their jeans, will allow you to do this.

Regardless of where you get your skinny jeans from, or what type of skinny jean you have opted for, (yes – there are many more styles than just skinny-skinny!) you should accessorize! A longer, flowing top will cover a bit of a muffin top as well as a self-conscious booty, and with the right accessories, you can deflect the eyes away from your wobbly bits full stop!

The very fashionable designer, Yves Saint Laurent was once quoted - “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.” Why not try the simplicity in skinny denim yourself, and be modest, sexy and simple all at the same time?


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