Plus Sized Lingerie: Top Seven Sexy Lingerie Shopping Tips

Finding plus size lingerie can be hard for a girl, especially when you want to wear something that is considered sexy as well as functional. The good news is that you are not alone if you are struggling to find decent undies, and there are tips that you can take to find the right kind of underwear for you!

1.       Get yourself properly fitted for a bra! When you wear the wrong size bra, you are adding lumps and bumps to your chest, and this can be the worst when you are already trying to hide lumps and bumps elsewhere. Also, the wrong support can leave you with red welts on your shoulders from trying to contain and life the bust with an incorrect bra. The right size and TYPE of bra will perform miracles for your figure, and can also help with posture; great posture is everything when you are a plus size girl.

2.       There are proper suppliers of larger sized bras that are there and you should use them! They will give you the right shape and support, and although may be a bit more expensive than the bras that you would normally buy, will make your clothes look a million times better. This applies for both bras and pants – the right combination will make you look good as well as feel sexy.

3.       Always make sure that you buy something that makes you FEEL good as well as looks good. If something doesn’t feel right, you are not going to look comfortable in it, and you are going to be forever reaching for that bra strap, or constantly adjusting your pant-line. If you try something on, and it still feels odd after a few minutes, give it a miss. It might be the rage with all the other girls, but it might not be for you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try something new, but if you really can’t get along with a balconette bra or a g-string, don’t force yourself. Go with what feels good as well as looks good.

4.       If you aren’t brave enough to hit the streets and go shopping for new underwear, order something. You have the same rights once you have tried it on, as long as you keep the little hygiene plastic bits in place – if you don’t like it, you can always send it back. Sometimes you will feel much more comfortable trying something on at home with your best friends than you will with a complete bra fitting stranger in a big store.

5.       If you have issues with your tummy area, don’t go for underwear that is fitted at the waist as this will just cut you in half and make you feel uncomfortable. It is obvious that everyone should suggest you wear tummy tamer style underwear, but if they cut you into bits, they are just not going to work. There is a fine line when it comes to the height of your underwear – too low and you will get a “muffin top”, too high and you’ll be cutting bits in half. Just go with what YOU think looks good – you are the one that is going to be wearing them after all.

6.       Throw on a bit of lace! This is not only flattering, but also very pretty! Add a touch of lace to that large bra that you are buying, or buy pants that have lace panels in them – you will feel a million bucks in them, we promise you!

7.       Wear sexy underwear. Who cares if no one is going to see them – you are, and if they make you feel sexy, you are going to exude sexiness to those around you. Try the red underwear on that you have never dared to wear before, or wear a bit of black leather if you want to – it is up to you what you like and how to wear them, but why not give them a go?


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