Express the essence of you with a new bracelet concept

(NC) --  There's so much more to your story that meets the eye. Your career is on track, the home life is manageable, accomplishments are many — but your personal characteristics and beliefs define who you really are.

Generosity and caring for others motivate you. In fact, the joy you get from nurturing your inner values — such as freedom, compassion, balance, and respect — trump the pleasure of material gains.

“Why not show the world who you really are, and wear the essence of what makes you 'you' right on your wrist?” says Janette Ewen, style expert at leading jewellery brand Pandora. “In your own modest way and whenever you wish to, you can express your true character with the elegance of a sterling silver charm bracelet.”

This newest Pandora line, Ewen continues, is suitably called the Essence Collection. The sterling silver charms in the new collection include symbols for passion, freedom, happiness, hope, confidence and faith, among others.

“You start with a slender sterling silver bracelet, to which you can add delicate hand finished sterling silver charms. Wear just a few charms that you feel most strongly embody you, or up to a dozen to represent your personal beliefs, hopes and desires.”

“Pandora introduced 24 symbolic charms for the initial launch,” she says, “all of which slide effortlessly onto the bracelet and are held in place with a flexible silicone grip inside the core of each charm.”

Gift it

Strong women usually recognize similar qualities in the women that surround them. Ewen points out that our closest girlfriends, mothers, and sisters often have a profound understanding of the multi-faceted components that make up who we really are. They may even see us more clearly than we see ourselves.

“So when shopping this season, if you want an original gift idea for a very special person, think how touched she would be to receive recognition of her truest qualities and values. If she is courageous, joyful, wise, loyal, and positive, this gift is going to tell her that you see those qualities in her.”

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