Cut back on your beauty regime this summer

(NC) -- It's no secret that during the summer months, people are looking for ways to save time on their beauty regimes. Maintaining an effortless look is easier than you think, here are three quick tips:

• Ditch the blow-dryer and flat iron to avoid damaging and drying out hair. Opt for an easy, sleek ponytail or simple beach waved look instead.

• Switch to a spray moisturizer, like Vaseline Spray & Go which offers fast application and quick absorption, allowing you to immediately throw on clothes and head out the door.

• Lose the thick foundations, and opt for a light tinted moisturizer or BB cream. These options still offer the right amount of coverage and are better for skin in the summer where sweat is a larger factor.

By making these small beauty adjustments, you'll have more time for fun, summer activities.

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