Things To Consider When Designing A Site In The Fashion Industry

Designing a website is generally much more complicated than what many believe at the moment. Contrary to what you may think, when working with a professional Sydney Web Design firm, you will have to wait until the best possible work is ready. Web design takes time and you want to think a lot about every single thing that is done. That is even stricter when referring to creating a website in an industry like fashion as image is everything here.

While there are so many things that you have to take into account, we stuck to those that are normally the most important, after discussing with people that are specialized in WordPress web design and that work as a Magento Developer, thus combining both design and practicality. Fashion sites fall within 2 categories in most cases:

  • A blog style site that covers news about the fashion industry.
  • An eCommerce site that sells something in the fashion industry.

In both cases you want to remember the following:

Functionality Before Design

It is really important that the visitor manages to find what he is looking for. This is a lot easier said than done when referring to fashion websites. We are faced with a wish to make everything look as glamorous as possible. In this attempt people tend to forget about functionality, which is always vital for a website. If a site is not functional and the visitor will have problems in navigating, the results are going to be pretty bad. No matter what type of fashion website exists, you want to be sure that everything looks beautiful and is functional at the same time.

Focusing On Content

PPC Management Services always recommend a focus on content, since this is what ends up driving sales. Whether you write tutorials for ladies to teach them how to dress better or you sell dresses, you want to be sure that the main focus is put on the content, not on other design elements. It is quite common for web designers to overdo it because of the fact that they are allowed to do so in this niche. However, when adding too many design elements, you can end up with attention being drawn away from what matters the most: the content of the site.

Forgetting About SEO

The fashion website can look incredibly well and have great functionality but if nobody sees it, you are faced with a huge problem. You need to remember about SEO outsourcing and you need to be sure that the design of the website takes promotion techniques into account.

As a very simple example, in the event that you add images that are too large, page loading speed will be increased. This will negatively impact SEO results as people will end up leaving your site. Google realizes this and will believe that the site is of a low quality, even if this is not the case. Always be sure that optimum practices are respected in order to end up with a website that will do well in search engines and that will be appreciated by the visitors.


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