Women's fashion shoes: Top picks for the season

Can a style conscious woman imagine her life without an impeccable collection of fashionable shoes? It is unthinkable! Shoes are as much a part of a fashionable lifestyle as bags or clothes. In fact, a trendy outfit without the right shoes spells ruin for that unique fashion appeal that all of us long to exude. If fashion is a state of mind, then our shoes are the "souls" of our fashionable existence.

Go casual

You’re not the stilettos and high heels types, and you would rather have your feet planted firmly on the ground. And yet, you do want to exude some of that fashion appeal which makes life so worth living. The good news is that unlike earlier times, when it was next to impossible to find a pair of comfortable shoes that didn’t look clumsy and unfashionable, today, brands are upping their game and coming up with hot and trendy casual shoes. From very stylish walking shoes to elegant flat soles, there’s no looking back for the woman of fine, easy tastes. Even for rough weather, there are comfortable shoes such as the ankle booties that go a long way to give you comfort, and make you look your best. You can team up these light, easy and comfortable shoes with short dresses, shorts, or jeans.

Go party

Just as there is a fine selection of casual shoes to choose from, the list of party heels and fashion shoes bristles to the brim. While you may have enough of the kitten heels, pumps and stiletto heels, there’s something new brewing up in the shoe fashion circuit. The scrappy disco-style sandals are just what you need for the spring and summer. These are sling-on heels that are high on fashion appeal, and a great way to step up your style. If too much design is not your forte, you could opt for the simple, streamlined ones too. Any which way, you are bound to create a splash and turn heads wherever you go. Reemerging from the 70s style, this shoe works exquisitely well for grand events such as weddings, or even date nights. What is best is that the shoe can also be worn tastefully with denims, for an everyday event.

Boots to kill for

You may know many women who would give an eye or an arm to lay her hands on the choicest of boots. Here again, the 70s style reemerges and what we have are gorgeous pairs of boots, such as the slouch boots, paired with dresses and jeans. Wearing stylish boots is a great way to break out of a mundane fashion routine, and what is more, it greatly elevates your fashion quotient, keeping you standing tall, and on top of your line. Tuck a pair of blue jeans into light brown mid-calf boots, or revive the cow girl in you with a pair of cow boy boots paired with a midi skirt. Whichever way you do it, with boots, you can hardly ever step over the line, and remain firmly footed on safe fashion ground. So boot away, and leg up your fashion today!


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