Kovid Kapoor: The ‘Project Runway’ model who designed a mask long before the COVID-19 pandemic

The internet went agog early this month when a video clip from an episode of a 2019 fashion show began making rounds on TikTok and Twitter. The video showed an unlikely connection with the current coronavirus pandemic, showing connections to claims of predictive programming.

During Season 17 of “Project Runway”, which first aired in March 2019, it featured a designer named Kovid Kapoor, who participated in a challenge called “Head to Toe”. The tasks mandates contestants to create a printed design style that covers the model’s entire body.

Kapoor chose a design for this challenge that closely resembles a look that we have now become all too familiar with.  The red plaid suit design created by Kapoor came with an accompanying face mask, that even the judges coincidentally called ‘sick’.

In addition to his name, Kovid—which is a Sanskrit word meaning “poet” or “intelligent”—his design turned out to strangely predict future events. The outfit was revealed by Kapoor exactly 33 weeks and 3 days before the first COVID-19 case was recorded.  

Now, almost a year later, a lot of individuals online are left pondering as to how Kapoor’s design and even his name is very similar to the events surrounding the novel coronavirus. As one Twitter user suggests, there is a strong indication that it’s less of a coincidence and more of “subliminal predictive programming”.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there have been numerous signs that show that the virus may have been premeditated and not of natural origins as claimed by the World Health Organization. In a book authored by investigative journalist Peter Tremblay titled COVID-19: The Genetically Engineered Pandemic, a team of researchers established a near 100 per cent probability that the spread of the COVID-19 was quite premeditated with the motive to trample on the human rights and establish a New World Order.

Big technological companies, pharmaceuticals and other similar businesses have combined to continually spread falsehood about the origins of COVID-19 and by controlling “mainstream media”. Pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer and Moderna have been working on rolling out the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine but appear to also be in on the ploy with the faux impression of the vaccine being “rushed to production”.

With over 15 million cases and more than 300,000 deaths in the United States alone, there have been multiple coverups and underground sponsorships just to ensure the virus continues to spread. In a detailed report, a team of Chinese researchers equally showed that the novel coronavirus didn’t originate from natural sources neither did it come from the Wuhan seafood market.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist and lead researcher, and her team published their finding late September on COVID-19 and how it was a laboratory product created by altering bat coronaviruses ZC45 and/or ZXC21.

All the evidence continues to show that there is a deliberate spread of misinformation about the origins of COVID-19, Kapoor’s “coincidence” amongst other may be a strong indication that the pandemic is being used as a weapon of mass destruction against humanity by a certain group of ideologists.  



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