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Epic Meal Hits Ottawa for bacon lovers

Whether your reaction is awe, envy or horror, one thing’s certain: you won’t be able to look away. Internet sensation Epic Meal Time, best described as food porn on crack, is not for the faint of heart (or weak of stomach). The premise is simple: in each episode host Harley Morenstein and friends use candy, jack daniels and of course, bacon to turn a simple meal into a voyeuristic experience. Think candy BBQ , meat salad or 100,000 calorie hamburgers.

Thanks to the University of Ottawa Students’ Association for the Faculty of Arts, this culinary freak show is coming to Ottawa on Thursday, October 20 to Ritual Night Club (137 Besserer Street) to film a live addition of the show. For $25 in advance (more at the door) audiences will get to partake in whatever culinary craziness the boys cook up that night (most likely not veggie friendly). This may be your only chance to eat a moving vehicle made out meat.

Epic Meal Time started in Montreal last year by Morenstein, a former substitute teacher, and Sterling Toth who acts as camera man. According to wikipedia, the original inspiration for the sketch was a shot of Morenstein eating a six-pattie, 18 bacon strip Wendy’s burger to the tune of the Terminator theme song. An internet sensation was born, and the team followed up with a more polished edition featuring a fast food pizza. Currently, the team is working with Revision3, an Internet-based television network to distribute the show.

So why watch grown men play with their food? According to the event’s organizer Jozef Spiteri Epic Meal Time taps into a “counter-culture which take its roots in the current “healthy lifestyle” fashion. Epic Meal Time is the voice in the back of your head that tell you: “All you need is bacon strips.”Epic Meal Time Live is coming to Ritual (137 Besserer Street) on Thursday, October 20 starting at 9pm. Tickets are $25 in advance availible at at Reap & Sew (401 Dalhousie St), Fall Down Gallery (288 Bank), Top of the World (158 Rideau), NRML (184 Rideau).

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