Vancouver: Executive Chefs open innovative Grocery Store concept


A new food venture from award winning Vancouver restaurateurs. Woodland Smokehouse sources ingredients from all over British Columbia. It's also a ten thousand square foot commissary kitchen where Vancouver's foodists can create the next wave of delicacies for Vancouver's well define palate.

VANCOUVER ( -- Imagine a business where you could take home top shelf restaurant flavour prepared by Executive Chefs at a price lower than most quality groceries. A business built by successful Vancouver restaurateurs and food specialists, Woodland Smokehouse is a foodie’s delight with a pantry full of mouth watering smoked meats, fish and sausages, freshly baked breads, a menagerie of sauces, stocks, pastas and fresh sandwiches to go. Your own kitchen will never be the same.

All of the succulent meats are smoked in-house and are available in their retail space as well as in their other businesses, Pekinpah BBQ Restaurant and the award winning Cobre Restaurant; both located in Gastown. These people understand flavour. The owners also aim to have Woodland Smokehouse show a neutral carbon footprint and that is why their ingredients are sourced locally if possible.

“It’s about love,” says Chef Anatoli Belov who manages all of the smoking that goes on at Woodland,”It’s about doing what you are committed to, caring about the product and creating from scratch.”

Woodland Smokehouse is a throwback to the old school approach when delis would produce everything they sell. With little or no advertizing the smokehouse has been consistently selling out of product from their small front of house shop just off east Hastings at 485 Commercial Drive, and they’ve just opened!

Take a peek inside! Chef Belov will be more than happy to slice off a few pieces of select smoked meat and explain the process it took to get it just right. Of course then you’re hooked and you’ll end up chowing down on one of their beautiful, thick, house made sandwiches.

“We want to create something that no one else is doing right now,” says owner Tyson Reimer, ”The best quality BC food made by British Columbians with ingredients created and grown right here.”

The other half of the business is the commissary kitchen, a massive space with miles of ovens and burners where other local culinary businesses can test and develop their wares. It’s a meeting of foodie minds as people in white jackets hustle and bustle all over the place creating gastronomic masterpieces for Vancouver’s insatiable and well honed palate.

It’s a passion for food and a love of all things British Columbia.

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