Ottawa to Kanata: Cherry Cheesecake: Learn How to Make

Do you like New York Style Cherry Cheesecake?

Alternatively, do you like a fruity Cheescake, i.e. carmelized peaches?

Do you seek to further expand your friendships with fellow dessert lovers?

Do you seek to avoid their terrible cheesecake in the frozen food sections of supermarkets?

Do you prefer a lighter cheescake to a heavy cheescake?

Would you like to be able to make your own delicious New York Style Cherry Cheescake?

I am a "foodie" who has done a lot of baking.

I also sometimes write restaurant reviews.

I have also attended cooking/baking workshops provided by some of Ottawa's top chefs.

In the process, I have perfected my recipe for a delicious, light, and high quality cheescake.

I plan to share my secrets with my fellow foodies who attend.

This group is scheduled to meet around the front entrance of Loblaws.

Attendees are scheduled to receive a copy of the recipe.  I also plan to escort the group on where to find the ingredients, and take questions as we go along on the making of the cheesecake.

I also plan to provide assistance to any attendees after the Meet-Up who has supplementary questions on any cheescake they plan to make.



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