Ottawa: Upscale Cooking Orientation comes to Urban Element

Date: Thursday, May 10, 2012, 7:00 PM

RSVP mandatory:

Are you seeking to learn how to cook or bake?

Are you seeking to cook and/or bake so you can further pursue a healthy lifestyle?

Are you seeking to impress your friends, relatives or business colleagues at dinner parties.. or that special someone?

Are you seeking to take your current cooking and baking to the next level?

You are invited to our informal 'Question and Answer Orientation Forum' at the Urban Element.

Take advantage of our $20 "early bird special" for this event.

Dress to impress at this event, yeh.

We have not scheduled any cooking demonstration, but this is your opportunity to check out the Urban Element... ask questions about fabulous cooking classes and get answers.

I highly recommend the Urban Element that is in the Westoro/Hintonburg area.

I write restaurant reviews on a part-time basis, and the Urban Element meets my 5-R Rating.

I have taken their cooking and baking classes.

I have also been to the Urban Element's fantastic sit-down dinners with other "foodies/gourmands", that is presided by a Chef who answers questions about the cooking techniques.

At the Urban Element you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook and/or bake from diverse top Chefs from Ottawa, and also across Canada.

“Our goal is to create a unique culinary experience”, comments Carley, a University of Guelph Hotel and Food Management graduate who honed her skills in Toronto prior to launching the urban element in 2005.  

Carley and Oliver undertook major renovations in order to transform Hintonburg's heritage Fire Station No.11 into a 1700 square foot event space with state-of-the-art cooking facilities that enable close contact with chefs, hands -on cooking opportunities & comfortable dining.  Committed environmentalists Carley and Oliver advocate seasonal, local, farm-to-table produce, organics and slow food principles.

The Urban Element provides “a place where friends, colleagues and families may gather to learn, explore and play in a unique food-centric environment.” 

Both demonstration and hands-on cooking classes with local chefs and wine experts are offered, as well as special occasion and corporate event hosting. 

Any proceeds from this events will be used for Urban Element event hosting costs and our related not-for-profit activities.

RSVP mandatory:


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