Food Delivery Fit for Royalty

We’re all familiar with pizza delivery, and many of us order one almost every week. But have you ever considered where or why the first pizza delivery took place? According to popular European belief, the world’s first pizza delivery actually took place in Italy, 1889. The King and Queen of Italy were visiting Naples and the Queen decided she’d like to try out a new food ‘fad’ that she’d heard of. This new ‘fad’ was a little something called pizza. Obviously the Queen couldn’t be expected to visit the restaurant herself, so the pizzeria owner delivered her order instead; thus the pizza delivery was born. (Sadly, no record was kept of which toppings she chose, how quickly her delivery arrived, or whether anyone tipped the delivery person!)

Convenience is king

Although her reason for ordering the pizza delivery isn’t one that most of us need to worry too much about, (not being royalty ourselves), the Queen was definitely onto something: ordering food for delivery has become immensely popular across the world in the 123 years since that first pizza.

Nowadays we Canadians order food delivery in a huge range of circumstances. You may be expecting guests and prefer to spend the evening socialising with them rather than being tied to the kitchen, perhaps you’re too exhausted to cook after working late (and it’s a great idea to make your order before leaving the office, knowing it will arrive at your door shortly after you reach home yourself) or maybe you just haven’t had time to do the weekly grocery shop and simply the sight of the empty shelves in the refrigerator has you reaching for the phone to call your local delivery restaurant.

But before you pick up that phone, it’s worth considering the options available. Things have definitely moved on since the first pizza delivery. Today, Canadians can choose from a huge range of cuisines for delivery: pizza and Chinese have long been the most popular cuisines for delivery, but the huge variety of options available through food delivery experts also includes Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, English, Mexican, Thai and Japanese to name but a few (and, of course, not forgetting our own home-grown Canadian poutine).

Variety is the spice of life

How many local neighbourhoods can offer so many varieties of cuisine? With all of these and more available in one place, it’s easy to see why has become Canada’s favourite food delivery service. Next time you’re considering ordering in, why not be a bit adventurous and try a cuisine you haven’t eaten before? Leave the pizza behind and try a trip round the culinary world: test out a spicy curry from India or Thailand, compare the spring rolls of Vietnam to those from China or give Greek souvlaki a try. If you’re looking for a healthy option, Just-Eat has a large range of Japanese delivery restaurants who can provide delicious and healthy sushi expertly prepared and delivered to your door faster than most of us can fillet a fish. Equally healthy is Thai, delivering all the fresh taste of a tropical summer to your plate.

As a result of an exciting new partnership with, now offers even more choice for the hungry customer, so next time you come home to an empty refrigerator, take a tip from royalty and order a delicious expertly-prepared meal for delivery.


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