Cheese brings a different side to beer

(NC ) — For ages, people have traditionally associated wine and cheese as a classic duo. Countless books, guides and pairing suggestions have been written on this topic, but there's another beverage that's a worthy partner for cheese – beer. Many people may not be aware of this delightful combination, but beer's diversity allows for a more diverse companion for countless types of cheeses. How so, you ask? For starters, the three main ingredients in beer each bring their own unique flavours to the mix. Malts typically offer bready, nutty, chocolate, coffee and caramel; hops can providemore earthy, floral or fruity tastes; and the yeast used in beer fermentation can also lend a variety of flavours including pears, oranges, bananas and lemongrass. The carbonation and bitterness in beer also helps reset your palate. It refreshes your taste buds to make it easier for you to appreciate all the complex flavours. “The secret power of beer is carbonation. Beer is the ultimate palate cleanser as carbonation cuts through the natural fats and creaminess of cheese,” says Debra Kavchak-Talyor, the vice president of beer reverence for Molson Coors Canada. “This allows you to really enjoy the flavours.” A general rule of thumb when bringing beer and cheese together is to seek opportunities to contrast, complement or cut: • Contrast textures and tastes (like salty and sweet or sweet and sour); • Complement the two by matching the flavour of the beer with the flavour of the cheese. Try light beer with lighter cheese or full-flavoured beer with stronger cheeses; • Cut through the natural fats in cheese by using beer as a natural palate cleanser. Beer and cheese share such a large range of flavours so pairing them at your own tasting party will be a breeze, and it will be a fun and delicious twist to an old favourite. Suggested Beer & Cheese Pairings: Champfleury & Rickard's Red Spicy Jalapeño Monterey Jack & Molson Canadian 67 Sublime Havarti & Heineken


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