Ottawa gets special Olive Oil Presentation on October 2nd

Are you seeking to expand friendships while learning about extra virgin olive oil?  We have exclusively scheduled Stavros to make a presentation for us at Rainbow Natural Foods!  This event is sponsored by welcomes Stavros who had made an excellent presentation at the Greek Festival.


My native village of Krokees is located in southern Greece between legendary Sparta to the north and the picturesque port of Gythion in the rugged Mani region to the south. Krokees has been a thriving agricultural settlement for over 3,500 years.


Citrus, grapes, figs, herbs, and fabulous honey are in abundance but Krokees lives and breathes olives. The surrounding valley, terraced hills, and narrow ravines are one undulating mass of evergreen olive trees. The silver-green patina of their slender leaves shimmer under the Mediterranean sun. Olive oil is king here!


Join us at Rainbow Foods at 6:15 PM this Wednesday. 


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