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How to Make Perfect Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Food lovers, who love the idea of exploring new cooking and baking options, would love this article. This write up is about making chocolate covered strawberries. No meal is complete without desserts and having innovative desserts associated with the lunch or dinner would always add value to the food you eat. When you plan to have something saucy or spicy for your meal, you can always add the lushness of rich fruity-chocolaty dessert to the food. Strawberries mudded with chocolate can certainly be a brilliant choice. They are easy to make and very delicious for your tongue.

Yes, those beautiful and delicious strawberries, mudded with chocolate, which you last time saw at your favorite bakery or got as a gift from your loved ones. Imagine the taste of luscious chocolate, unfolding the juice and tangy taste of tiny strawberries. How wonderful it would be to make them at home and even better is going to be the experience of tasting them afresh.

Is it easy to make chocolate strawberries?

The idea of making and eating chocolate covered strawberries sounds really amazing. But, it is obvious for you to pop up the question in mind that is it easy to make this dessert at home? Well, there are few steps, which you need to follow step by step and you can actually have those perfectly shaped and attractive looking strawberries wrapped in chocolate at home. In fact, you can pack them and gift them to your loved ones. They would definitely love the idea of having such a delicious dessert. And, they would definitely be impressed to know the fact that you made them at home. One fact would always interest you that making these strawberries at home costs way less than the amount you need to pay for buying on readymade packet for the same from a bakery.

Making chocolate covered strawberries at home: The Process

The process of making this sensuous looking delicious dessert is quite simple and interesting. All you need to do is, make a list of ingredients (which is quite short) and bring everything in. Now switch your baking mode on and experience the process of creating your favorite and luscious dessert at home.


  • Strawberries

  • Chocolate

  • Sprinkle chocolate

  • Sugar

  • Chocolate chips

  • Almonds

What else would you require?

  • Pan

  • Heat Proof Bowl

  • Glass tray

  • Styrofoam block


First of all, begin with cleaning of the strawberries. Wash them to make sure that all the dirt and dust is gone away and they are ready to be dipped into the chocolate. Make sure that the berries are dried before being put into the chocolate.

The second step is to put chocolates in heat proof bowl, which further has to be put into a pan full of hot water. That is how the chocolate bricks will be melted.

The next step is to skewer the strawberries and put them into the hot chocolate. In order to ensure that the chocolates are completely dry with strawberries in them, put the entire preparation into Styrofoam block. Once the preparation is dries, you can decorate the chocolate with sugar, Choco chips and chocolate sprinkles.

In order to further garnish the strawberries chocolates, you can chop the finely roasted almonds and put them on the chocolate dipped strawberries to complete the sweet dish.

Additional steps:

You can always take both white and brown chocolate bricks to make the dessert in different flavors. The preparation process remains the same. You can completely or partially dip the strawberries into the melted chocolate to create multiple artistic designs. Adding the embellishing of Choco chips and decorative chocolate or sugar shapes etc. will add the attraction element and visual appeal to the desserts.

With these different decorative experiments, you can create the chocolate dipped strawberries in different designs. In fact, you can also decorate the outer side of the strawberries with melted chocolate via using a writing cone. They are too delicious that you can eat them and also gift them to someone you love. They would definitely be impressed with the idea of receiving such a brilliant gift to someone.

Things to be taken care of:

In order to ensure no mistake in making of this dessert, you need to keep in mind various important things. One is to make sure that the strawberries are completely dried before you put them into the chocolate. If there are any bruised areas in the fruit, then cut them away before putting into the melted chocolate’s bowl. This leaves no room for errors in the chocolate dipping process.

At the time of heating the chocolate, make sure that the bowl is heat proof. Along with this, use stainless steel bowl, which are made from tempered glass? Along with this, during the melting of the chocolate, keep stirring it so that the chocolate doesn't work. You should continue stirring every fifteen seconds until the entire melted chocolate is smooth.


It is highly advised to take care of little things while you are planning to try out making the chocolate covered strawberries for the first time at home. Apart from following all the instructions mentioned above, it is important to make sure that you watch the videos for making the entire dessert dish. This helps you to have clarity on the same and ensures that you do not make any mistakes or blunders at any point of time.

If you are planning to decorate the strawberries in multiple ways, then you can check various food décor videos. There are aplenty of them available online, ready to help you with grand benefits like never before. This will give you an insight about making the plastic cone, in which you can fill the chocolate for decoration. Also, these videos help you to get ideas about edible decorative items. That is how you can continue creating multiple attractive looking and luscious chocolate dipped strawberries. This will add a different touch of taste and beauty to your kitchen. Taste your favorite dessert and feel good about it.


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