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Loblaws: President's Choice New Chicken and Rib Barbecue Sauce - Reviews

Here's my review on a Loblwas product.  President's Choice 'Gourmet Chicken & Rib Sauce' has been my go-to all time favourite barbecue sauce for years.  It has been simply a flavourful delicious sauce without the so-called “natural flavour” chemical after taste of so many other barbecue sauces on the market.  Needless to say I became shocked several weeks ago when my favourite sauce started to disappear off the shelves a couple of months ago signalling my all time favourite was to be replaced by a new product.  Unfortunately, however, it has been my experience that new product lines have been generally poor shadows in tastes.  This has often been the case as the big corporations these days seeks to maximize profit that often compromises quality.  

When I tried the new Chicken & Rib barbeque sauce I sought to have an open mind.  However, with due respect to Loblaws, this has to be the worst President's Choice product I have ever tasted.

This begs the question on whether the tasters at Loblaws who sreen their products were all suffering from a bad cold in which they could not taste.

In my view, this new product tastes absolutely terrible.

The old gourmet sauce I would rate an A +.  This new chicken & rib sauce I would rate an F.  I'm not sure what Loblaws was thinking when they introduced this product, but in my view they should “un-think”it!


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