How to Make Frozen Yogurt

Making frozen yogurt isn’t particularly difficult, at least if you’re adamant about preparing it at home instead of spending eight dollars or more at a store. As you might know by now, frozen yogurt is just another type of dessert that resembles ice cream with the difference that it contains yogurt instead of milk.

There are two main ways you can make your frozen yogurt at home. One of them is to use an ice cream maker, in which case you’ll only have to add full-fat yogurt to the machine and give it a churn. Some twenty minutes later, you’ve got yourself a nice treat that can do wonders on an unusually hot day.

The other way of making this type of dessert is by using a dedicated home frozen yogurt maker. Sure, you need to ask yourself whether you will eat frozen yogurt so often so as to justify the expense of buying a new appliance for your kitchen. Needless to say, there are literally thousands of people out there who have either bought or received a waffle maker and have used it no more than three times in a year. As such, it might be a good idea to make an assessment of your habits and understand whether you do enjoy a cup of frozen yogurt every week or you eat one every quarter or even less often.

As for preparing it and actually making sure that it is scoopable, we suggest you take the time to do a bit of research beforehand. Unless you get a frozen yogurt machine and you automatically get rid of any issue, you might have to understand several things about this type of treat. For instance, did you know that what makes frozen yogurt scoopable is its sugar content?

It’s quite likely that you might have heard by now that refined sugar isn’t healthy for you, so you might have to use a better alternative such as honey. Don’t try using any artificial flavours or sweeteners because they will do nothing in the way of providing the consistency you might be after.

Ethan Frisch, the former chef of Guerilla Ice Cream, says that frozen yogurt resembles sorbet in terms of the preparation process. According to his professional opinion, it is a good idea to add one cup of sugar to three of liquid or three of frozen fruits that have been mashed.

Why make your own frozen yogurt at home?

There are several reasons you should consider preparing this treat on your own. For one, you’ll know exactly what goes in it. Even if you get frozen fruit, you’ll at least know for sure that the final concoction does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives.

Something else that we have to add in relation to making this type of desserts is that you can either use yogurt you have bought or that which you have made all on your own. There are loads of yogurt makers these days that will allow you to prepare non-dairy alternatives, so you ought to consider one of these if you are lactose-intolerant or if it’s just one of your personal preferences.

The cost of making your frozen yogurt at home is another reason for you getting a machine. Depending on the toppings or the place you get your treat from, you can risk paying as much as fifteen dollars on a serving, which is an unacceptable price seeing how that’s what you might pay at the laundromat for cleaning a load.


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