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Charlottetown: Best Place In Canada To Find Indian Butter Chicken

The Fall Flavours Festival is a five-week food fest in Prince Edward Island (PEI) that should interest anyone who not only loves food but enjoys meeting new people and learning new recipes.

So, during a visit to Canada’s Food Island, once again I unravelled a true gem in Charlottetown. The Indian butter chicken I ate in Charlottetown is still the best one I’ve had in my visits to fabulous Indian restaurants across Canada.

Made by a local restaurant, 4S Catering, the butter chicken tasted as delicious as it had in my previous trip to PEI and would leave anyone scraping their fingertips just to savour every bit of it. Despite being very critical of what goes into my mouth, the chicken served in Charlottetown was so good that I still rated it 6 stars out of 5.

4S Catering’s butter chicken is spiced and cooked to perfection and I believe it should become the benchmark for every restaurant that serves it on their menu.

The only other restaurant that has ever been deserving of my over-the-top 6-star or A++ rating is resto cornbread, located on Toronto's Queen Street. Restauranteur and chef David Adjay has put an incredible amount of work into ensuring that every bite of his cornbread is memorable, to say the least.

Being a cook and a lover of food, I have tasted different butter chicken in numerous restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. Considering my mixed Asian background, I can call myself a bit of an authority when it comes to making the perfect butter chicken.

More often than not, Indian restaurants serve butter chicken that is below standard as it is either overly garnished, under-spiced, or made too sweet. It is safe to say that this decline in quality can be attributed to the restaurant’s focus on making profits to foot their rent rather than providing diners with high-quality butter chicken.

For 4S Catering, one bite of their delicious chicken reassures you that they are a wholly “quality-first” establishment — a motto that every restaurant needs to adopt if they are to attract customers.

I discovered 4S Catering while touring the popular Charlottetown Farmers' Market in search of something that would excite my taste buds.

Upon sighting their miniature booth at the market, I was curious to know what kind of Indian food they served and how it would taste. Considering I was in Charlottetown—a city not known for its array of Indian food—my expectations were quite low.

In any case, I'm glad that I trusted my instinct over my intellect, which would have wanted me to hold out for butter chicken in other Canadian regions with a much stronger Indian population.  If I hadn't, I would have missed out on this delicious food.

Over the years, PEI has been positioning itself to tourists as the “Food Island,” and the Fall Festival of Flavours has been the hallmark of this statement.  However, this year’s event was not that impressive to me, despite having Chef Michael Smith on its roster.

The Summerside event was missing gluten-free options and both the full-course meals and beef made by Chef Michael Smith were not particularly impressive.

Surprisingly, what did capture my attention was the incredible Indian street food restaurant 4S Catering.

I can confidently say that the Farmers' Market in Charlottetown is a must-visit for every foodie. The market caters to the needs of almost everyone with a variety of local produce, crafts and pastries from different vendors.

Since my butter chicken encounter, I've been anticipating my next tripto Charlottetown and the market is one of the very first places I’d visit.

Considering the size of the Indian communities in Montréal, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, one would expect to find the best Indian butter chicken at one of these locations, but since 2010, Charlottetown's 4S Catering has been serving some of the very best Indian cuisine in Canada.

According to the owners of 4S Catering, they are now taking orders from customers who have small or medium-sized events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, get-togethers, anniversary celebrations and other similar occasions.

Since 2005, Sunil Daniel, chief chef and owner of 4S Catering, has been making southern and eastern Indian delicacies alongside Western-style foods

He added that his restaurant is striving to become the best Indian eatery in all of Charlottetown, PEI. Though there’s one English-style bar in Charlottetown claiming to have the best butter chicken in town, I have proven that to be false.

4S not only has the best butter chicken in the city of Charlottetown but arguably in the whole of Canada. Therefore, if you plan on making a trip to PEI, ensure to stop by Charlottetown and get a taste of 4S’s butter chicken goodness.

Whether you’re from the U.S., Canada, India, or just a food lover from a different country, be sure to visit the 4S Catering at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. Though Indian butter chicken can be made in different ways, 4S’s version is better experienced than described.


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