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10 tips for amazing barbeque

We all love that perfect barbecue that we enjoy with friends and loved ones at parties and all kinds of outdoor activities. The only thing is that when it comes to doing the real barbecuing, not many of us know how to go about it and below are useful tips.

  1. Select the ideal barbecue: Even though it can sound fundamental or even overemphasized but the fact is that you absolutely need high-quality charcoal and the other thing is the lid. Even though there are those who do theirs with gas, you really need to stick to charcoal for that unbeatable smoky and lingering taste which accompanies every great barbecue like the ones at the Great Canadian Barbecue event coming up at the Ottawa Book Expo 2020.
  2. Choosing the correct kind of fuel to use is also important. Many barbecue experts recommend making use of lump wood charcoal because it ensures you get the most outstanding flavour for your barbecue.
  3. Focusing on temperature is very crucial. You have to control the temperature in a way to ensure you do not undercook or overcook the meat.
  4. Timing is everything when it comes to cooking the perfect barbecue. You cannot rush it so you should take time to focus on the cooking. Let the flames decrease totally before proceeding, and as for the coals, they need to be white and hot before you start the barbecuing proper.
  5. Utilize the best tools, from the grill to the tongs, get only the very best ones. Using low-quality tools will simply mess up your barbecue.
  6. Another useful tip has to do with the burgers. Do not buy burgers for the barbecue but take time to prepare your own. It will not only be fresher than anything you are going to get from the shops but it also tastes better. Then, you can also be sure of preparing your own burgers in the most hygienic environment. Basically, when you buy burgers from other places, you cannot be too sure of how it was prepared.
  7. Trying out fish as one of the components for your barbecue is also a great tip. Some seem to forget that fish is also very good for the grill. Experiment with trout or salmon and you will be very glad you did.
  8. If you do not marinate properly, then you can be sure to come up with less than impressive barbecue. Marinating is even more important when it comes to barbecuing as it assists you in making sure that the smoke does not overwhelm the barbecue itself. In short, marinating your meat or fish ensures that the smoky aftertaste is not excessive.
  9. Some people think barbecues mean vegetables must never be added but that is clearly not the case. You should not make this mistake, feel free to blend in vegetables while doing the grilling. You will be amazed to know how the veggies will turn out.
  10. What is a great barbecue without the sides? To get a complete package, take care to select the finest corn, potato salad, flatbread and others for your sides.


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