Extraterrestrial War caused Dinosaur Extinction and Re-Birth

Have you ever noticed that the reasons for the extinction of the dinosaurs remains to be a bit “sketchy”. However, it seems that we, as humans, in general, have decided that whatever the reason, it is “in the past”, and “let’s move on”. But, suppose in this case “ignorance is not bliss”. Suppose securing our future, as humans, relies in part, on understanding the ‘real’ reason for the mass extinction of dinosaurs and its relation to a possible hidden future that is shrouded in as much secrecy as is the UFO enigma.

An alien “whistleblower” allegedly revealed to a human interviewer called “Ole K” that the extinction of dinosaurs was not due to a random asteroid(s) hitting the Earth, that resulted in an environmental cataclysm. Rather, this alleged interview suggested that the mass extinction of dinosaurs, was due to an intergalactic war between interdimensional “repitilian” aliens and humans. The interview further suggested that a sentient reptilian-like entity evolved from the remaining decimated dinosaur population, and that allegedly still lives on Earth, and that it operates some UFOs. This alleged interview is referred to as the “Lacerta Files” [VIDEO below].

You may quickly respond by indicating to the effect that “dinosaurs and humans never walked together”. However, in the article “Did Giant Reptiles Share the Earth with Giant Humans?” Brad Steiger suggests that much of human history has been concealed.

Apparently, there is evidence that dinosaurs and humans did walk together, and corresponding evidence of global warfare on Earth during the era that there is dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Much of human history has been apparently concealed to complement the ideological interests of the alien perpetrators of that war who would subsequently conquer and seek to control human elites through the capitalist economic system. Dr. Michael Cremo has also uncovered evidence that humans have existed for possibly billions of years, and that humans have been subjected to multiple alien wars, evidence about which have been wiped from human consciousness as a result of time-space continuum manipulations.

Alex Collier suggests that the same alien interests that perpetrated the war that was alleged in the Lacerta files, are pursuing a near future alien war. Alex Collier and others suggest that learning about humanity’s ‘true history’ in relation to apparent alien intrusions, may be vital to prevent history from repeating itself in another alien-staged War. Alex Collier is a volunteer contactee of Ethical Human Extraterrestrials.

The alleged alien interviewed by “Ole K”, described their ancestors to be the “dinosaur race”.

“Around 65 million years ago, many of our unadvanced ancestors from the dinosaur race died in a great global cataclysm.”

The alleged sentient descendant of the “dinosaur race” claims to live on Earth with other members of their alien race “native to Earth”, and allegedly disputed official claims of the mass distinction of dinosaurs. The alien in the alleged interview indicated that they are not Extraterrestrial because they descended from the dinosaurs on Earth.

“The reason for this destruction was not a natural disaster -- an asteroid impact as your scientists believe falsely -- but a war between two enemy groups that took place mainly in the orbit and high atmosphere of your planet.”

The alleged “terrestrial reptilian” then elaborated on a global war which was instigated by Extraterrestrials, against the humans who lived alongside the dinosaurs.

“According to our limited knowledge about the early days this global war was the first alien war on planet earth but it was definitely not the last -- and a future war is coming soon. When the advanced reptilian species arrived in this system, humans tried to communicate peacefully, but they were not successful and a global war started within months.”

The alleged descendant of “the dinosaur race”, on Earth further elaborated on the war which led to the mass extinction of dinosaurs.

“The humanoid species seemed at first to be successful, but in a last battle the Extraterrestrial reptilians decided to use a mighty experimental weapon - a special kind of fusion bomb which was designed to destroy the life forms on the planet without harming the valuable raw materials on planet Earth. The bomb was fired from space and detonated at a point of your planet you call "Middle America" today. As it detonated in the ocean, it produced an unpredictable fusion with hydrogen, and the effect was much stronger than the reptilians had expected. A deadly radiation, an over-production of fusion-oxygen, a fall-out of different elements and also "nuclear winter" for nearly 200 years were the result.”

Regressive aliens then apparently enslaved the remaining human population through organized religions, and into the era of the “Great Empires” on Earth.

The terrestrial alien then allegedly described the mutation of a remaining dinosaur species that still allegedly lives on Earth.

“This new reptile was walking on two legs and looked a little bit like your reconstruction of an Iguanodon (it originated in this family) but it was smaller (around 1.50 meters tall) with some humanoid features, a changed bone structure, a larger skull and brain, a hand with a thumb which was able to grab things, a different organism and digestion, advanced eyes in the middle of the head like your eyes and most important...with a new and better brain structure. This was our direct ancestor.”

The alleged alien elaborated on the alleged underground dwelling alien’s testimony.

“These beings were intelligent enough not to die in the next millions of years, because they learned to change their behaviour, they lived in caves instead in the cold nature and they learned to use stones and branches as first tools and the use of fire as help to warm them - especially to warm their blood which is very important for our kind to survive.”

The alien then allegedly indicated that they are a product of their own genetic breeding programme. Dr. Michael Salla has linked such alleged aliens, to sought genetic manipulation and control of spiritual-biological life on Earth’s surface.

“Through natural and artificial crossbreeding these three species were united to one reptilian species and through the invention of genetic manipulations, we were able to "eliminate" the dividing-prone genes in our genetic structure. According to our history and belief, this was the time when our final reptilian race - as you see me today - was created by use of genetic engineering. This was around 10 million years ago and our evolution nearly stopped at this point (well, actually there were some minor changes in our look, toward a more humanoid and mammal-like appearance during the coming ages, but we have not divided again into sub-species).”

The late Bill Uhouse is a contractor who had made allegations of seeing aliens underground [video above]. Dr. Michael Salla has associated regressive alien interests to a Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex of “MIEC” in his “Typology of Extraterrestrials”.

Photo credit: Star Trek depicted reptillian alien character called 'Gorn'.

About the writer:

Raymond is the author of the book entitled Capitalism is Not Democracy.  In this book, you can learn more about the apparent regressive alien mind called "Archons" which subverts democracy and human sovereignty based upon Dr. John Lash's research.  You can also read about the frustration of Canada's national identity through an Archontic context in National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community that is also available in Amazon.

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