How Lund University's Marcella Carby-Samuels Betrayed Own Mom – Part 1: The Anatomy of a Psychopath?

Marcella Carby-Samuels began her macabre plot to concoct lies against Raymond, her brother, in order to deny her very own Mother access to her care-giving son back on 8 January 2015, when back from Sweden she called the Police.  Let's take you back to the scene with Dezrin Carby-Samuels, her son, begging her not to call the police.  

Raymond, her son was cooking for his Mom at the time.  In a spate of rage and jealously she then decided that she was going to call the Police, and refused to reconsider her plan as her Mom trembled and begged her not too.  

Dezrin who is Marcella's mother trembled so much and was so shaken, she could have gotten a heart attack.  This apparently did not matter to Marcella as she called the police and concocted outrageous lies about her brother with the expressed intent of getting him arrested.  She made allegations that Raymond suffers from mental illness and was in fact “holding her parents hostage”.  Marcella right in front of her trembling Mom spat off fantastic lies to Police about Raymond starting a “domestic dispute” that she knew not to be true.  Now, what kind of person would do such a thing?

Marcella eventually hired a cop name Robert Griffin Jr to further carry out her macabre plot.  The result was that her and the cop she hired conspired to deny her Mom seeing her son anymore since 12 June 2015.  

Marcella got this cop to inflict assault / threats against her very own brother in July 2015, and got this same cop on 15 June 2015 (three days after Raymond has last seen his Mom) to intimidate witnesses at the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre from revealing the pattern of abuse that they witnessed Horace inflicting against Dezrin which involved the denial of social and medical services during the time Marcella got Raymond evicted from looking after Dezrin at her parent's Kanata home at 30 Jarlan Terrace.  

Marcella was also responsible for preventing Dezrin from getting access to a lawyer that Dezrin needed in Marcella's conspiracy to subvert the efforts of the Nepean, Rideau and Osgoode Resource Centre that had been seeking to reunite Dezrin with her son, who cried for days after seeing on 12 June 2015 what Marcella had done to Dezrin who was no longer able to write, talk or walk.

Within a less than three weeks of Marcella carrying out her sick agenda, her Mom who suffered immensely from the separation was not able to talk, write and walk anymore.

While Marcella studied at Lund University in Sweden, she did not care that her own Mom who wanted to continue to see her son that she relied upon, suffered immensely from Marcella's ego-driven plot.

You see, Raymond was not only care-giving for his Mom, but seeking to protect his Mom from the abuse that she was receiving from Horace who is her husband.  Raymond showed the abuse note that Dezrin wrote for her son and police to see.  But, do you know that Marcella got Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin to commandeer the case so that Police could then ignore the note that read - “Dad Abuses Me”.

What kind of woman, firstly lie to her own begging and trembling Mom; then fail to defend her own Mom from the abuse that she is receiving; and then furthermore, hire a police detective to then ignore that abuse?  What was the character check that Lund University did when she was accepted into Lund University's PhD programme?

However, Marcella had a plan for that too!

You see, her husband Dr David Tenenbaum works there.  When she had applied to Lund's University's PhD programme, she simply made sure she kept her maiden name, so her husband could then chaperon her application into the PhD progamme without the knowledge of the Faculty PhD committee.

This article includes a photo of what Dezrin looked like when Raymond was taking care of his Mom into April 2015, and what she looked like a couple of weeks after Marcella hired a dirty copy to forcibly separate Raymond from his Mother.

In the above video clip, CBC revealed insights into psychopaths and how their drive in pursuit of ego-driven goals is done without any empathy for who they effect in the process.  

Most psychopaths are not in prison, but, rather, operate as functional members of society who have achieved economic success in our capitalist society through a process of exploitation which may have involved the exploitation and betrayal of family members “on their way to the top.”

You might still wonder how could a daughter like Marcella preside over the abuse of her own Mom by her chauvinistic and misogynist father.  

Marcella was no stranger to the world of spousal abuse.  Indeed, she abused her own relatively gentle husband to tears.  Spousal abuse does take place against men, but the men who are abused are often too embarrassed to report it.

So, when Marcella became privy to abuse against her Mom, it was an apparent no brainier for her to side with her abusive father over her own Mom.  Marcella was never close to her Mom and only remembered her birthday once in her life.

Marcella was once told by her homophobic father who feared that she was “turning into a lesbian” after she apparently dated a woman at her high school prom that she would be written out of his will if she continued to “turn lesbian”.

Marcella's response was to pursue marriage, and then to ruthlessly secure who control of family assets for having “obeyed” her father, and married David Tenenbaum.  And securing family assets in the apparent view of Marcella meant allowing her Mother's health to decline to seek to get her brother either thrown in jail by a dirty-cop-for-hire or to be committed to a mental institution so the family will would be 100% hers.

Marcella's lies also made their way into false affidavit in court documents.  Raymond had to turn to court litigation in an effort to see his Mom who Marcella and her father as co-conspirators has continued to block in spite of a court order that Raymond has received from Justice Patrick Smith (please see below video).

How could anyone with a shred of humanity be able to live with themselves knowing that they have been responsible for the kind of pain and suffering that Marcella has inflicted against her own Mom that has been reinforced by her apparent efforts to corrupt local police and officers of the court in pursuit of intrigue?


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