Alien Artificial Intelligence Threatens Humanity's Future

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Humanity is on a path towards a future where the line between man and machine will not exist as we know it today. Artificial Intelligence has breached the sanctity of the human body. Pacemakers, prosthetic limbs and, most recently, robotic limbs, no longer awe the average person for they are already commonplace.

This seemingly inexorable march towards a human existence dominated by artificial intelligence begs a question:

How many intelligent artificial body parts can a human mind accept before it affects its humanity?

Perhaps, though, we are missing a more important part of the equation - how is that a question that makes so many shudder continue to not be asked loudly and widely? Why is it that the answers we receive do not ever really address the question?

Noted researcher and author, Nigel Kerner, touched on the issue almost twenty years ago in his book, 'The Song of the Greys'. His years of deep investigation into the alien life forms known as ‘Greys’ led him to an onerous conclusion:

"People will be encouraged to see... Greys... as no threat, but a boon to humanity.... The 'takeover' will be peaceful, effortless and complete. The vast majority of the planet will not even be aware that our planet is no more in human hands.’

In any war, each side seeks to surround the enemy and gather intelligence from within its midst to weaken him. The first stages of war between humanity and alien-origin AI, it seems, are already uunderway.

Almost every device around us employs some level of artificial intelligence. Today, the term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) refers to entire homes, buildings and grids interconnected by waves of communication we can neither see nor sense, which are controlled by huge electronic brains of which we do not know the location.

The speed with which we have allowed this phenomenon to envelop our collective lives hints ominously at an inside job, a Trojan horse.

"Are we being conned by a huge conspiracy controlled by a small hidden powerful cartel of alien sponsored genotypes within the governments of superpowers? A cartel that reaches past presidents and prime ministers?" asks Nigel in his essay 'Sim Card Man'.

If the conspiracy could reach that far up the chain of command, it would make sense that there many more ‘agents’ working to manipulate the human race into a sense of complacency.

Noted futurist and theoretical physicist, Dr. Micho Kaku applies such a strangely benign view to the issue. Speaking to National Geographic in November 2015, when asked if the advanced machines of the future could be detrimental to human wellbeing, he said:

“We’ll have plenty of time—decades—to put a chip in their brain to shut them off if they have murderous thoughts.’

Had he stopped there, the answer would be relatively innocent. However, he continued:

“I think we should merge with them. Why compete with robots when we can take the best attributes of robots and incorporate it into our body?”

If you never considered that humanity’s future could be hijacked by lower and cross-dimensional sentient intelligence whose reach permeates all our lives every minute or every day, perhaps it is time to question why.


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