UFO Sucks Up Water From The Sea In Algeria

Date: 23 January, 2017.

Place: the coast of Algeria.

On 23 January, a very strange event occurred in the coast of Algeria.

According to a video published by YouTube user and UFO researcher Secureteam10, a group of people affirmed to have filmed a UFO “sucking up water” from the ocean off the coast of the African country.

“We have a very interesting new piece of footage that was emailed over me by some of the witnesses who were there, that shows what to them looked like a UFO that had flown up into the clouds”, the ufologist said.

According to him, the alleged cloaked UFO started sucking up water through a waterspout. “Shortly after, we see this waterspout being sucked up out of the Mediterranean ocean, off the coast of Algeria”, he continued.

“This was posted by one of the eyewitnesses who were recording this. He is originally from Puerto Rico, but I guess he was visiting family, or vacationing, on the Algerian coast”, the YouTube user added.

In his opinion, in this recording, there are two elements that deserve to be analysed. “First, we have this massive tube of water being sucked up into the clouds; and, according to the eyewitnesses that I have emailed with, this was far different from other waterspouts, or water tornados”, he expressed.

“If you noticed in the footage, just before this waterspout dissipated, we see a UFO that flies out of sight”, the researcher expressed. Additionally, one of the witnessed affirmed that this strange craft was “the same UFO that flew into the clouds just before the water began siphoning up”, and also was “the same object that left right after the waterspout dissipated”.

According to Secureteam10, the alleged UFO was described as “much larger than a bird, and much larger than a drone”. It was also said that it looked like “an egg-shaped object”.

“Whatever this thing was, it appeared to be spinning. It was seen coming out of the clouds, and heading towards the ocean”, the ufologist affirmed.  

Draw your own conclusions…


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