Child Exploitation Rings Terrorize Parents Through Ontario's New Residential Schools

I'm sharing with you some truly shocking details on how children are being taken away from the defenceless parents, and being sold-off to affluent people right here in Canada.

This very disturbing matter has been brought to my attention by a Jane X.  She reveals that the former Roman Catholic Church-controlled Residential School system that sought to abduct, abuse, exploit and assimilate First Nations children hasn't been altogether stopped as we Canadians, have been led to believe. 

Instead, the priests and nuns of the Residential School system have apparently been replaced in Ontario and in other parts of our country through "children's aid workers".

These so-called “child protection workers” like to present themselves as social workers; but they lack any training or license to practice social work.

 “Child protection workers” in Ontario who are not social workers are essentially agents of private regional boards who have police-like powers to seize children without any government oversight or public accountability. 

The predictable result has been mesmerising abuses of the rights of child and parents alike. 

Abuses with the “child protection system” arise from a system which incentivizes agents to forgo all attempts to undergo proper investigations of child-parent reports. This occurs because child protection workers are at the front line of a system designed to collect as many children as possible who can then to be sold for a considerable amount of cash to almost entirely rich white custodial parents.  Jane X says that in Ontario these parents often pay substantially a head.   When these white parents adopt First Nations children, these parents can the wash away indigenous cultural influences from the child, like language and other cultural teachings, in favour of the Euro-Canadian values embraced by the Residential Schools.

As you might imagine, such a system as Jane X reveals, is endemic with corruption and represents a vile attack against Canadian sensibilities on the idea that the Residential School system is “all behind us”.

Jane X is a hard-working mother of two daughters who has sought to look after her children in exemplary way even though she has been on disability.  It has been shocking though that in the efforts that so-called “child protection workers” have had to deprive Jane X of her two daughters since 2015 that they have not only sought to use her identity as a child survivor of the Residential School system against her, but also her disability and her facing of spousal abuse against her ex-husband to in turn seek to label her an “unfit mother” in an effort to sell her children to white custodial parents.

Her efforts to keep her daughters out of trouble as they evolved into becoming, at times, rebellious teenagers, is no different than the kind of experiences that other Canadian mothers like her have.

But what's different about Jane X's experiences is that she has had to deal with the apparent transferring of the Residential School System from the Roman Catholic Church into so-called "child protection workers", who, are unfortunately, not registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers, as required by the Social Service Workers Act 1998.

Jane X reveals how “Children's Aid Workers” across this country have sought to continue the Residential School System just as our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has sought put to rest through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the bad old days of the Residential Schools.

Jane X who is of our First Nations documents how a government-backed, but privately managed "Children's Aid Organizations" have sought to victimize Residential School survivors and their children and other ensuing offspring as all "unfit parents".  This oppressive system seeks to rationalize the seizing of children as a result of the kind of family quibbles that is normal in most Canadian households between parent and a growingly assertive child.

Jane X is a child of Residential School survivors and she has been apparently labelled as "unfit" by colluding "child protection" workers backed by judges, lawyers and local police in the Lanark part of eastern Ontario. not as a result of any factual information on her neglect or her abuse but simply because she was a child of Residential School survivors, perpetuating the cycle of abuse, corruption, power and oppression.

Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?  But this is what is apparently taking place.

The labelling of “unfit parent” is all an apparent scam with racist undertones that is designed to continue the practice of abducting First Nations children as targets of cultural genocide, and, nowadays, also for commercial profit.

By putting a price of the head of every First Nations child that workers can seize from their parents, the demons who preside over a "New Residential School" system have incentivized the so-called "children's aid workers" to fabricate evidence against First Nations parents like Jane X, that can then be used to permanently take-away children from parents like Jane X.

Since 2015, Jane X has had her children taken away multiple times.  These include abductions supported by Justice Quigley, whose shocking actions were reversed on more than one occasion by more ethical Judges.

Jane X also reveals the horrific efforts of these so-called "children's aid workers" to not only fabricate evidence, but also to try to convince abducting children through invasive mind control techniques (psychological warfare) that the quibbles that most all Canadian families have with their teenagers was in fact "child abuse" and that their parent(s)  is "evil".

The child protection system as a whole, in collusion with the for-profit agenda, is designed to perpetuate the inter-generational trauma amongst survivors and off-spring for generations to come. Often, the child protection workers will target a parent’s mental or physical health is being used against them without any substance to the allegations at large, but apparently all it takes is the child protection worker to point a finger at the parent, bring it to a judge within 5 days, and the family’s lives are forever changed. Often, files are kept open for funding purposes, and the degradation, humiliation, and diminishing the monumental role a parent plays in the psyche of a young, vulnerable child.  De-facing of the parent becomes a strategy in the corporate agendas of the privately-funded Ontario children’s aid societies. Often, the investigations and reasons for illegally apprehending children, are abbreviated and determinations are made by the child protection worker, without the participation or involvement of the parent.

Recently the child protection system was granted more powers, and the  role of the Ontario College of Social Workers, and the Social Service Workers Act, contradict and are making obsolete, the entire purpose of protecting the general public, from corrupt social service practices, in which unregistered, unqualified child protection workers, pose as social workers. Offering all the services a registered social worker would perform, such as counselling to children and families, goes unchecked and there is no way to truly leverage, are make them accountable through this loophole being used, to evade liability in the child, protection industry.  Are the child’s best interests truly being met when the ultimate goal of the child protection agency is to foster children and to adopt them out.  These decisions and the moulding of children to suit the corporate agendas of many of these agencies, have long-reaching impacts into the psychology of the child’s mind. Often, reunification of a child with their biological family, isn’t an avenue explored with good faith actions to follow up.

Jane X has not only had to cope with a plight though the legal system which decides that Residential School Survivors and their children are all “unfit” but also against an effort to brainwash her children with the cooperation of her ex-husband who had been arrested for spousal abuse.

But even with this arrest, according to the system, the fact that her ex-husband was white made him an inherently better parent than Jane X.

The name "children's aid workers" conveys the idea of kind-hearted social workers ensuring the protection of children from abusive parents or other conditions.

However, like many Canadians, if you thought this, you would be sadly mistaken.  Firstly, these "workers" apparently have no credentials or training as social workers as Ms Jane X elaborates.  Secondly, when it comes to indigenous and other marginalized groups, the goal of these workers and their management is apparently not to "protect children". 

Rather, it appears that the goal of these "workers" is to establish any pretext to forcibly seize predominately First Nations children away from parents and then to sell them to detached white adopting families

The concept of the "Children's Aid Worker" in Canada is one of the best examples of "Newspeak" that George Orwell hard warned about in his book entitled 1984.

Through Orwellian Newspeak, "Children's Aid Workers" can operate as an effective quasi-Secret Police with the authority to collect intelligence on targeted groups and then to seize children without any public accountability since these Children's Aid Workers work for private regional bodies throughout different parts of Canada.

In the case of Jane X, back in 2015, Children's Aid Workers just swooped into her children's school and abducted them without doing the proper interviewing of all parties, involved or conducting a mandated, child protection investigation. Apparently they are allowed to abbreviate their investigations if they simply believe the child.  This grants a child protection workers more power than the police, a judge or an RCMP officer. The act also states these child protection workers are to take the least disruptive actions, however removing a child from their home, based on a hunch and not involving or informing the parent of these actions is pretty disruptive.  There is no recourse for protecting children and families from these home-wrecking, over-zealous, and highly manipulative “child protection” workers.  It is not advised to contact the local police either, as these agencies willingly share their unethical, unqualified determinations to local police and judges, to gain the upper hand.  The Government is aware of the child protection problem, and for over a hundred years, has turned a blind eye.

Jane X has been fighting an uphill battle for the nightmare to stop regarding her efforts to get back her children which have been taking away as a result of her being declared an "unfit parent" for having been a child of the Residential School system.   Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's effort to put the past behind us while government and private organizations in Canada perpetuate the Residential School system's goal is complete hypocrisy of the worse kind.  Jane X also pointed to me cases in western Canada in which "child aid workers" abducted babies right at the hospital as soon as the "Residential School Survivor" gave birth.  In these cases, the "child aid worker" as Secret Police didn't even give the parent an equal and fair chance, or wait for the child to get older to then fabricate evidence against the parent like what occurred against Jane X.

When the "child aid workers" found out that Jane X has been suffering from a muscular condition which was made worse by the stress of her legal plight, this became another reason to victimize Jane X and to declare her an "unfit parent". Interestingly enough, Jane X is physically incapable of inflicting the kind of abuse alleged by "child aid workers".

Jane X became mentally traumatized from years of her legal plight as any mother would who had been not only been wrongfully accused of child abuse but was being subjected to victimization as a result of her being a descendant of Residential School survivors who had been correspondingly abused by the Roman Catholic Church and government alike.

But what is also even more shocking than a child protect system which incentivizes the theft of children from their parents for commercial gain in order to perpetuate the goals for the former Residential School system is the apparent coordinated effort by operatives of a system of Family Law and the criminal justice system to reinforce legitimized child trafficking.

All evidence including witnesses in support of Jane X’s plight to get back her children were systematically ignored by Judges, local police, prosecutors and even her very own lawyers who belittled her.

It is as if all of these agents were seeking to coordinate the persecution of yet one more Residential School survivor through a false flag conspiracy.

These workers and members of their "team" get paid big money for every child they seize for assimilation and have no interest in the truth.  Money and not ethics or "reuniting families" is their focus.

More precisely, like the Residential School System, the goal of these so-called "children's aid workers" is to separate First Nations children from their parents; then to "wash" away any memory of their indigenous cultural heritage. with the current modern twist of actually making money by selling these children to often abusive conditions under affluent white foster parents who can treat these children as their toys.

Jane X reveals that the "child protection system" seeks to forcibly and without any public accountability extract children from their parents,  automatically labelled by the system as "unfit" as a result of the oppressive conditions which were contrived by the same elite group which also seeks to use those conditions to seize children for sale to affluent buyers.

The Justin Trudeau's "Sunny Ways" talk of "forgive and forget" the bad old days of Residential Schools and "let's put the past behind us" is an apparent lie.

The Residential School system has been ingeniously perpetuated by the "Children Aid Protection System" through the labelling all of its survivors and their children as "naturally unfit parents" who are then monitored for the most "appropriate" time to seize.

The labelled survivors and their children have all been marked in the prevailing Canadian system reminiscent of the labelling of Jewish people during the rise of Nazi Germany.

Jane X reveals that all it took was an innocent verbal conflict with her child as any parent would have with their rebellious teenagers for her own children to be seized.

When children's aid workers heard of the verbal conflict and discovered that Jane X was the child of the Residential School System, they were salivating with anticipation on how much money they were about to make from Jane X's children who were from First Nations race which must be vanquished in favour of a "culturally superior" white European cultural matrix.

However, this system of child trafficking could not work without the help of corrupt judges and complicit lawyers who seeking to reinforce the rebirth of the Residential School System.

Jane X vividly described her encounters with Judge Quigley at the courthouse in Lanark, Lees and Grenville who kept reinforcing the taking away of her kids.

And lawyers too have been apparently directed to perpetuate the rebirth of the Residential School System kept under the radar of mainstream media.

Indeed, Jane X reveals that her efforts to reunite with her kids who went from temporary control by her abusive husband into for-profit adopt-a-child system, further frustrated by lawyers.  These lawyers all demonstrated that any legal help they could provide would only be for cosmetic purposes and that they supported the new "Residential School System" which now operates.

"Child aid workers" in Ontario have been empowered by the Government of Ontario to have police powers to seize control of children without any public oversight, and then to institutionalize them into an effective child trafficking system worth billions to the benefactors -- the child aid workers, their lawyers, their privately-funded agencies and their posse. There is currently no protection in place for targeted children and families. Canada is their oyster.

In this system the welfare of children are being disregarded and the rights of parents to take care of their children are being ignored.

Jane X further reveals her legal plight against corrupt operatives of the system which include local police, a judge, child "welfare" workers who are not even social workers, lawyers, and the would-be parents who pay a substantial dollar amount to get their new First Nations child.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau inspires a climate of forgiveness and moving forward as a society through the federal government's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

According to the federal government, the horrors of the Residential School System against First Nations communities is now all behind us.

But, I'm here to tell you that we, Canadians, have been lied to backed by the mainstream media who orchestrates mythology associated with the "Truth and Reconciliation Commission"

Whose "Truth" do they mean? 

The role of the Roman Catholic Church in the former Residential School System has been replaced by a revitalized management system. 

Through a "child welfare" and "children's aid" so called "protection" system, privately controlled quasi-companies in the form of regional boards across Ontario have been empowered by the provincial government to seize control of the children of First Nations and other marginalized communities, who are then basically sold-off for profit to affluent white parents seeking to adopt.

These agencies obtain government funding for every child protection file they have open, for every child they have placed in foster care, to then become crown wards, and then the next step is adoption.  The child protection workers, their lawyers, all stand to earn a profit for the actions mentioned above. 

“Our children have a price tag on their heads and each agent involved in these systemic tactics, backed by the complicated and oppressive family court system, are using our children as commission,” Jane X says.

Hard to believe isn’t it?  The bottom-line of the managers of this system of child exploitation which professes to be “child protection” is quite clear and the entire Child, Youth and Family Services Act is streamlined to protect the child, protection industry and nothing else.

“The rights of parents and families have been eroding for years, with the main vulnerable, target audiences at play, First Nations, Single- parent families, men, women, disabled.” Jane X elaborates.

It's a win for government in Canada because while they present a message that genocide against  First Nations communities no longer continues they can continue to pursue the sought wiping out of First Nations cultures through the take-over of their children by white parents who can wash away their First Nations identity.

It's a win for privately controlled but publicly funded "children's aid" organizations whose members reportedly make tons of cash for every child's head they can sell off to willing adopted parents.

It's also a "win" for the parents who have obtained their new child through a government-sponsored system of trafficking.


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