John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Perpetuates Spousal Abuse With Disinformation

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For how long will certain elements continue to tarnish the highly esteemed image of the law profession? One would have thought that aside the constant reports of certain law professionals being influenced so as to prevent justice from being served, nothing more can be done to raise eyebrows. However, the complete opposite is the case as a lawyer by name John Summers has done something that almost the entire world population would frown upon.

Human beings are created in such a way that they always have a feeling of sympathy whenever another human is going through some form of pain. It is therefore very rare to realise that a professionally trained lawyer, who has sworn to ensure that justice is always served, can stoop so low as to connive with Dezrin’s husband in preventing the right thing from being done. People are known to always do certain things when there is something better at the end. However, when one decides to think about what would have forced a professional lawyer like John Summers to do what he is doing, the realization is that it is just sheer wickedness.

Dezrin has had to endure all sorts of maltreatment at the hands of her husband, and when she couldn’t take it any longer, she made it known to her son, Raymond.

Raymond then decided to use legal means to ensure that such constant abuse on his mother was stopped. However, John Summers has been a stumbling block to Raymond’s desire to seek for justice for his mother.

Among the numerous things that he has been doing to ensure that justice is never served, John Summers put fraudulent disinformation affidavit claiming that Raymond had been blacklisted by the ambulance service. Previously, this same lawyer had gone to various heights just to make people believe that Raymond was "suffering from mental illness" and this led to Raymond being barred from even visiting his mother.

For a human being to perpetuate a chronically ill elderly woman is constantly abused by her husband, one is left to wonder what the fate of the world is going to be in some years to come. Dezrin has now been rendered bedridden and cannot also talk or even write. This is a woman who was full of life even at an old age but has now become a shadow of herself as she suffers in silence in the face of John Summers turning his back on Judge McLoed's request on 24 March 2017 that Dezrin "has not been help prisoner."

Wickedness to the elderly has and will always be something that society will continue to frown upon. This should therefore has been enough to even jolt John Summers from his slumber to know that he was actually perpetuating a heinous crime against an elderly woman and humanity as a whole.

The sad part of Dezrin’s case is the fact that her source of joy and happiness, Raymond, has been barred from seeing her for over two years now. And John Summers along with the lies that he has sought to proselytize in Court has served to perpetuate Dezrin's abuse.


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