John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Perpetuates Abuse Against Sick Elderly Woman

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Is it really true that the world is coming to an end? This is the million dollar question that many people have been asking for a very long time now and conspiracy theorists will straight away answer in the affirmative. A look at the situation involving an elderly woman, Dezrin Carby-Samuels and her son, Raymond being subjected to all forms of abuse both at home and even in the presence of the justice system makes it a bit difficult to dispute the fact that the life in this world is actually about to come to an end.

For some time now, Dezrin has been at the receiving abuse involving enforced isolation by Horace Carby-Samuels and daughter, Marcella Carby-Samuels. The cruelty that father and daughter showed to Dezrin was even enough to send her to her early grave. However, her willing spirit has kept her alive even though she can no longer speak, write or walk. This notwithstanding, a lawyer by name John Summers seems to be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back if something is not done immediately to correct the harm being caused to Dezrin.

John Summers, a Bell Baker lawyer based created an affidavit containing the fraudulent assertion that Raymond suffers fron "mental illness". This lie was apparently made to ensure that Raymond never gets the chance to visit his sick and bedridden mother.

What at all will compel a lawyer under oath to blatantly embellish lies against an elderly sick lady and her son's desire to see each other? There are so many things that come into play when the apparent wickedness of John Summers towards Dezrin is discussed and all point to the fact that society is actually losing its direction with regards to the acceptable practices. Old age is a stage in a person’s life that is revered all over the world by both the young and the elderly in society. So it comes as a shock when a lawyer decides to connive with a father and daughter to execute abuse involving psychological trauma against an elderly woman.

John Summers’ lies further came to light when the court found out that Horace Carby-Samuels had not filed his defence in 2016. Summers simply claimed that his client was not very conversant with the practices and procedures of the law courts. This shouldn’t have raised any eyebrows since not everyone knows what to do when it comes to dealing with the law courts. However, Horace is a man who had the effrontery to dismiss his lawyer in order to present his own account in a court case in the year 1990. So how can someone claim that such a person is a novice when it comes to court procedures?

Whatever John Summers hopes to achieve by subjecting Dezrin to such psychological traumas can never be understood. This is clearly a crime against the society and the earlier it is curbed the better it will be for humanity.


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