John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Perpetuates Psychological Trauma Against Disabled Woman

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There are moments when behaviours of certain individuals tend to undermine the basic principle of humanity. However, when such behaviour is displayed by someone who is supposed to know better, then eyebrows should be raised.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels and her son, Raymond have have both had to deal with countless abuse on their basic human rights and just when everyone thought that justice will be served, John E. Summers stepped in with his callous disregard for the desires of Dezrin and her enforced isolation by his client.

John E. Summers, a Bell Baker lawyer has gone to the extent of preparing a fraudulent affidavit and using other deceptive methods to deny Dezrin and Raymond the chance to even see each other since 12 June 2015.

The evil being perpetrated by John Summers clearly shows that people who are supposed to know better with regards to the application of the laws of the land can even stoop so low as to use lies and apparent fraud to commit apparent crimes against humanity. If nothing at all, John Summers should have realized that Dezrin Carby-Samuels is an aged elderly woman who deserves nothing less than respect and reverence from society.

There is one thing that John Summers’ callous disregard for the rights of Dezrin further proves and that is the fact that there really is a very big difference between being human and a human being. This goes to show that one can be a human being alright and still behave in a way that is alien to humans who embrace empathy for each other. For a lawyer to be able to fabricate lies against an elderly woman and her son is simply a slap right in the face of the law enforcement and our humanity..

Even though on the 11th of February, 2016, Justice Patrick Smith’s Superior Court of Ontario made a ruling that Raymond should be allowed to pay daily visits to his sick and bedridden mother. However, John Summers in collaboration with Dezrin’s husband, Horace and daughter, Marcella have used dubious ways and means to prevent Raymond from seeing his sick mother. They even went to the extent of fraudulently tagging Raymond as not being sound mentally.

When a lawyer, in his right senses, decides to deceive the court in order to frustrate an elderly woman like Dezrin Carby-Samuels, then it is about time that well-meaning humans team up to support a petition for the disbarment of John Summers from further pracitising law in the Province on Ontario.


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