Scheer Accused of Constantly Avoiding Climate Change Protesters

According to a report on Global News, Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer, avoids speaking to climate change protesters as much as he possibly can, because he lacks the experience to handle such situations. The article recalls an incident that happened recently while Scheer was addressing a room full of reporters.

“The words ‘bonjour, tout le monde’ had barely crossed Andrew Scheer’s lips when a man in the room began shouting at the Conservative leader.” Wrote Mike Le Couteur on Global News, “As he was wrestled to the floor by the campaign’s private security, the protester, who had been posing as a journalist, asked Scheer how he can justify a climate policy that includes building more pipelines. It’s likely the man didn’t want to hear the answer — nor would he have the chance as he was quickly and forcefully removed from the location.”

While the commotion was taking place, Scheer is reported to have just stood and waited patiently, before going right back to delivering his speech.

Couteur also recounts another event which took place in Cambridge. A campaign event had been moved all of a sudden from a café at the University of Waterloo on Tuesday after approximately 50 climate protesters had suddenly showed up hoping to greet the leader of the Conservative party.

“When the group realized Scheer was skipping the stop and instead heading to a nearby hotdog stand, protesters tracked him down, but he was already on the bus so they could do little else but chant “no more oil, keep it in the soil” as the bus, emblazoned with an image of a smiling Scheer on its side, was pulling away.”

Scheer had later told local reporters that the change in plans and location was due to the traffic which caused them to be late. However, it seemed like more than just a coincidence, when once again, he avoided speaking to peaceful protesters at in Annapolis Royal, N.S.

When Scheer was criticized for avoiding protesters at Cambridge, he had defended himself by saying, "No not all, we only had a few moments to stop and say a quick hello to a candidate and pick up a quick bite to eat before we came here, we have to beat the traffic to get down to London."

At a media scrum in Hespeler, he said he has a message for protesters and anyone concerned about climate change.

"We have a real plan to attack climate change. Our plan gives Canada the best chance of achieving targets by investing in technology instead of taxes, taking the climate change fight global, and helping Canadians invest in their homes with green renovations which will help lower their energy costs and thereby lower their emissions as well." He said, as quoted on Kitchener Today.

Contrast that with NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who both famously engage with people of opposing points of view, even when these protesters are at times hostile.


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