Events that Can Use a Live Singer

It is almost impossible that you have not been at an event where you say to yourself, I just want to get out of here. It is widespread for this to happen, especially when the event's host forgets the most crucial thing, music. Music is a way for everyone to enjoy every occasion, and the only thing better than someone good at being a party DJ is an actual live musician. 

It is pretty unrealistic to have live music for every little event hosted, but below is a list of events where live music could spice up the party. Hopefully, live music will prevent any future, "let's get out of here" moments. 

Outdoor Summer Pool Parties 

Summer pool parties are the epitome of summertime fun in the sun, but what could make a great thing even better? Live music all around the pool! Picture a hundred or so people gathered around a pool area, and they all erupt because everyone's favorite song starts to get played by the band. 

Many cool different setup ideas can be cool for a summertime pool party, and there are many different kinds of songs that the band could play. There is a tone of diversity surrounded in this scenario, and that means there are more options to have a good time. 

Beach Events 

Everything is better at the beach, including live music. It is popular to see different performers play at bars close to the beach and boardwalks, but what if you put together something right on the water. 

The closer the music is to the beach, the more fun everyone is bound to have, so instead of being up by the shore, bring the music down to the beach for the best beach vacation ever. Plus, there are a ton of different moods and songs you can play at the beach. 

Large Campfires 

Everyone knows the classic campfire music with the acoustic guitar and a small group of people, but what if that small group of people turned into a big group? Would the music still be the same? It would take more of a Lauren Mayhew-style musician or group to captivate a large campfire, but it would be cool. 

You would still have your campfire classics, but the larger group allows for more range in what can be played. 

Some of the more common places to have live music are weddings and outdoor restaurants. Still, the experience you get from the music alone is enough to make you want to go there; instead of waiting for one of these events to see live music, host one of your circumstances and hire a cool band.

Overall, live music can liven up any party or event, and it is a shame that the opportunity to have live music is not taken advantage of as frequently. Instead of having a DJ come to your party, have a band come; the music is so much more raw and enjoyable. Plus, when hiring a new singer or band, you can see something develop right in front of you.


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