Ontario People's Front leader exposes Ex CBC news anchor’s corruption in Ottawa-Centre debate

Leader of the Ontario People’s Front, Raymond Samuels, has revealed there is a level of corruption being perpetrated in the media after an exposé he made during a live video outing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of hiding vital information from the public.

In the video published on Friday 13 May, he spoke primarily about unfair censorship by a former CBC anchor, Lucy Van Oldenbarneveld during the Ottawa-Centre debate. Samuels was scheduled to attend the Glebe Community Centre All-Candidates Debate where he was speaking about his inspiration for running as a candidate in Ottawa-Centre and his dedication to promoting free speech and transparency, particularly around issues around the concealment of COVID-19 "vaccine" data.

Oldenbarneveld, who was the moderator for the session, was said to have rudely interrupted and cut-off Samuels' speech as he began speaking on the efficacy of the vaccine and how it’s being used as a tool for control by the government and big pharmaceutical companies. According to Samuels, there has been verifiable information from America’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) VAERS database that suggests that the death toll from those who have taken the experimental COVID-19 vaccine injections—either wilfully or forcefully for fear of losing their jobs—is more than that of the Vietnam War. Also, there has been very little room for other scientific verification of these so-called "vaccines" as most conversations about its effectiveness always reference statements from the Big Pharma, said Samuels.

The topic of public health care is important to every Canadian and with the turn of events during the debate, it is quite evident that the public health care system is being politically controlled and manipulated by biotechnology companies—going as far as influencing and suppressing information from medical experts, Samuels added.

This isn’t the first time that the CBC has been outed for spreading misinformation and purposely pushing a negative agenda through their influence in the media. Sheila Gunn Reid, a journalist and host of the weekly The Gunn Show revealed how the state-owned broadcaster peddled fake news in an article covering the appeal case of Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Christ Scott in lifting the compelled speech and travel sanctions imposed on them, making Scott falsely appear as a conspiracy theorist.

In another article titled ‘Speaking Freely: Why I resigned from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’, former CBC producer Tara Henley, equally speaks of the rot within the CBC and its various unethically practices which includes racial profiling and political propagandas that stifles free speech.


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