Ottawa-Centre: Ontario People's Front leader criticizes Green, Liberals and NDP for Climate Change deception

Climate change is one of the most hotly discussed topics by numerous policymakers across the world. As issues of the causes of global warming and how to control harmful emissions to the atmosphere continue to attract numerous debates, the leader of the Ontario People’s Front, Raymond Samuels has condemned the purposeful spread of misinformation by members of the Green Party, Liberals and NDP.

The Green Party are being recognized as leading the drive for creating a ‘new climate economy’ that is focused on making impactful changes to the current issues around climate change. The Greens in a CBC report revealed their goal to halve carbon pollution by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2045. Their plan includes a proposal to eliminate the sales of new gas and diesel passenger vehicles, duty trucks and buses by 2030 and replace them with electric vehicles.

In addition to this, they are promising about $10,000 in rebates for purchases of electric vehicles to help build more charging stations—with the further requirement that current parking lots and garages have charging docks installed in 50 per cent of their spots by 2050 and another 25 per cent increase by 2035.

While the Green Party—and other major parties—are pushing the narrative that the main cause of climate change is due to carbon emissions, this is a shrouded deception, according to Samuels.

“The entire hierarchy of the Green Party is largely focused on CO2 emissions and in every all-candidates debate I have been a part of, they never speak about their plans to curb other forms of pollution like plastic and electromagnetic emissions,” said Samuels in a video.

“They are focused on an agenda that is entirely designed to complement what the corporations, politicians and the Prime Minister wants you to focus on, which is carbon tax on CO2 emissions.”

Elana Freeland, an author of nonfiction books that focus on National Security State issues, in a recent publication, speaks on geoengineering, 5G and transhumanism and how the Earth’s environment has been weaponized by large corporations and governments using chemicals, electromagnetics and nanotechnology for synthetic biology.

Geoengineered Transhumanism, which happens to be the third book in Elana Freeland's trilogy on geoengineering and the real causes of climate change, creates a full picture of the origins of geoengineering in the atmosphere as far back as several decades ago. Unlike what is being propagated by the Green Party, Freeland reveals in her book that the ionosphere is being controlled with phased array heater blasts by different governments and private corporations just to always maintain a highly ionized atmosphere in which chemicals, nanotechnology and even synthetic biology synergies can be continuously spread by drones, rockets and fighter jets—all under the guise of climate change.

As far back as the 1980s, America has been injecting nanoparticles into the atmosphere as part of their Strategic Defense Initiative which was renamed to Ballistic Missile Defense Program under Bill Clinton, revealed Freeland during a public session. There has been a lot of groundwork being done for pushing a synthetic biology neural network inside what would be called Human 1.0, and this started by greatly manipulating the macro environment, which is the basis on which our interior microenvironment relies on, added Freeland. This advanced-level geoengineering has affected the air we breathe, the water we drink and even the soil we grow our food in, and they are all being controlled by large biotechnology companies, Big Pharma, and political world powers to introduce ‘Human 2.0 Transhumanism’, she revealed.

“These chemicals being spread by their illicit activities has led to human overexposure to harmful toxins such as aluminium which causes autism in young children. Because of what is being dumped from above, it’s leading to cognitive diseases in mid-adults such as Alzheimer’s and autism in young children,” said Freeland in an interview.

“We’re having to breathe everything they’re doing up there which affects us down here,” she added.

Chemicals, nanotechnology, and electromagnetics are constantly being manipulated for vaccination programs, genetics testing, and various forms of geoengineering—all this in preparation for the active rollout of the brain-computer interface (BCI), which we have now been introduced to after several decades of secret preparation, said Freeland.

According to Samuels, the evidence provided by Freeland and other similar research into the causative factors of climate change and global warming is too glaring to ignore. Therefore, it is quite clear that the purposeful spread of misinformation by the Green Party is a sign that the party doesn’t mean well for Ottawa and the Canadian people in general, and people deserve to know the truth about their green economy campaigns.


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