Is the New World Order seeking to destroy the food supply?

Over America's Memorial Day weekend, yet another food facility in the United States was burned to the ground.

According to reports, at least one large barn at Forsman Farms in Minnesota that housed egg-laying chickens was turned into an ash pile.  The official cause of the fires has yet to be determined.  Several similar fires have occurred in recent months, all of which have targeted food facilities

"It was insane how quickly it grew," said Andy Trebesch, a neighbour who noticed flames at the facility around 10 p.m. on Saturday night.  "It took up the entire sky; it was quite large."

The Trebesch family immediately dialled 911, which dispatched firefighters from various agencies throughout Wright County to the scene.  A large number of these firefighters are volunteers.

A barn housing tens of thousands of chickens was completely levelled in a "tragic accident," according to a farm spokesperson.

By the way, Forsman Farms has been in business since 1918.

It is a massive fourth-generation enterprise that sells over three million eggs per day to some of America's largest retailers.

"A fire destroyed one of our barns at our Howard Lake farm overnight," the spokesperson added. "There were no injuries, and we are grateful that first responders arrived quickly to put out the fire."

"Unfortunately, the fire resulted in the loss of chickens.  We're assessing the extent of the damage, which appears to be contained to a single structure, and looking into the cause of the fire."

Was the Forsman Farms fire intentional or unintentional?

Eddie Olson, a Cokato resident, says he learned about the fire on his scanner, which he usually uses to track severe weather events.

"Fires are frightening in general, but when you see something on that scale, you know it's out of control," Olson told a local police affiliate.

"It was just difficult to think about the chickens, the company, and the people who work there."

"It's a hard hit because we're already struggling with the eggs and the cost of things, and that takes a bite out of the market."

The extent of the damage at Forsman Farms remains unknown, as does the cause of the fire.

Its timing and synchronicity with other recent fires of a similar nature is, to say the least, suspicious.

The new avian flu narrative, which claims that chickens and other foul are contaminated with another disease that requires their flesh and eggs to be destroyed, has already targeted the egg supply.

Governments are using the same fraudulent PCR tests that it used for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to test birds for avian flu, as we reported back in early April when the bird flu hysteria was starting to gain traction – which means the entire thing is probably another fraud.

In light of the "Great Reset" agenda, the combination of bird flu propaganda and this new fire in Minnesota attacking egg-laying hens is all too convenient.

"At least we know why these animal viruses popped up recently now," wrote someone about the bird flu situation on Natural News.

"The ridiculous thing is that they suggest that killing the animals is the best way to handle the situation. If the virus was lethal, wouldn't the animals have died from it by now?"

"Control the food, control the people," wrote another, referring to a popular myth about how dictatorships emerge.


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