COVID-19 vaccines: How a satanic deception now controls the world

When my father used to tell me about people "selling their soul", I used to think he meant figuratively in the sense of people compromising their principles for money.

Little did I know that's what's literally going on.

It's apparent that the COVID-19 fake vaccines and the agents of deception that engage in lies and deception to seek to get us all "vaxxed" is the outcome of millions of people over thousands of years "signing a contract" to parasitic satanic operatives to bring them fame and fortune in exchange for the surrendering of their human free will to an evil agenda.

Sounds dramatic doesn't it?  But, that's what's going on.

And that's how less than 1% of "people" is able to pursue the satanic agenda that the COVID-19 fake vaccine represents.

These "people" may look like humans but they're not.  They are apparent AI which we perceive as humans because the limited range of perception that most humans have within a relatively narrow spectrum of visible light.

These "people" are in constant look out for humans "down on their economic luck" and who potentially also seek to gain fame and fortune.  These "people" then send out one or more of their minions to make a "proposition" to the humans who most of the time are enthusiastic about joining a satanic cabal.  Some humans regret selling their soul but once the "contract' is signed, there's no turning back from them, and it's they who now wilfully spread lies about the COVID-19 fake vaccine through the so-called "mainstream" media, government, and various business enterprises that are part of the deception.

When they are not seeking to parasitize the "down-and-out" they are busy maintaining charitable fronts with apparent "good causes" to enable donations to numerous organizations including co-opted opposition / activist groups, politicians and influencial people who all take their money on the condition that they buy into the agenda.

Satanists and their operatives have completely infiltrated all levels of society and now seek to present actual truth as "conspiracy theories" supported by apparent propaganda sites like "Snopes" and "Fact Check".

The above video reveals the rising mortality rates of the COVID-19 fake vaccines you won't hear in media controlled by a satanic deception.

People often get COVID-19 right after taking the jab because they are not getting a real vaccine which is designed to last for years including any mutations.

The satanists and their minions now seek to support "Ministry of Truths" in their efforts to further conceal their lies in the name of protecting the public from "misinformation".  That's a clever ploy right out of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist playbook on "burning books" and persecuting anyone including doctors, intellectuals and "Jews" who don't support a fascist agenda.

The COVID-19 vaccine deception is a perfect example of David Icke's "problem-reaction-solution" construct of how the satanists operate.

First the satanists concocted COVID -19 in a lab as U.S. Senator Rand Paul has proven through unlawful gain-of-function experiments; then the public panics while the satanists cover-up cheap vitamin or ivermectin based treatments of COVID-19 and then once a sufficient amount of the human population has died from calculated negligence they then present "COVID-19 vaccines" and "boosters" as the "solution".  But the so-called solution is not a solution at all for the masses.

Thanks to the nanoparticle technology embedded in the mRNA vaccine, the satanists can now track everyone who they haven't murdered through their Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).  Anyone who doubts the COVID-19 fake vaccines are weapons of mass destruction should watch interviews with Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi who have been both censored by the satanists.

Satan is an apparent being of Artificial Intelligence (AI) of pure ego and without empathy that has been documented by ancient Pagan Gnostics to be jealous of humans and our connection to our Creator as presented by First Nations and other indigenous people, and the apparent intent of the COVID-19 fake vaccine is to transform the higher dimensional spiritual-biological frequency of our world into a "New World Order" which enslaves humanity through the parasitic AI organisms which is been documented by Dr Madej to be growing in the bodies of unsuspecting vaxxed people who have basically sold their soul without even knowing it.

I highly recommend Peter Tremblay's book on the biometric totalitarian agenda that COVID-19 fake vaccines represent. 


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