A Million Deaths from Chemotherapy per Year, 750000 from Cancer – What’s Wrong With This Picture

Between 2001 and 2018, there have been an astonishing 19 million deaths from chemotherapy in the U.S.A. More shocking is that roughly only 750000 deaths per year were caused by cancer. You shouldn’t consider cancer treatment; the numbers advice against it. This can be attributed to the lack of this knowledge which isn’t published by media houses and cancer treatment centres and institutions which are hell-bent on hiding the data.

According to Natural News, 75% of doctors would not be subjected to the “torture” that is chemo.

“Polls were taken by accomplished scientists at the McGill Cancer Centre from 118 doctors who are all experts on cancer. They asked the doctors to imagine they had cancer and to choose from six different "experimental" therapies.”

The doctors did not only reject the option of chemotherapy but said they wouldn’t allow their families to go through with it.

The Side-Effects of Chemotherapy

Besides the inflated costs of chemotherapy which range between $30000 and $50000 for just six months, the common side-effects include loss of hair and nausea. But that’s barely the whole story.

With just a low average success rate of three percent, below are other side-effects of using chemotherapy to treat cancer.

  1. Loss of body hair. After you’re done with chemo, if you don’t die from it, you’ll experience pain when your hair starts growing again. Secondly, you’ll have sleeping disorders.
  2. Sporadic bursts of diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea. Doctors try to counteract by using pre-chemotherapy medication that hasn’t been tested. These meds cause muscle spasms and increased heart rate.
  3. Damage of peripheral nerves that cause a burning sensation to your hands and feet. This condition is known as peripheral neuropathy.
  4. Chemotherapy works by destroying the cancer cells. While at it, white and red blood cells are not spared; the former leaves the patient vulnerable to infections and infectious diseases.
  5. The destruction of Red Blood Cells which causes anaemia, shortness of breath, and fatigue.
  6. Reduced bone density that causes seething pain in your bones and joints. This condition is known as osteoporosis.
  7. Damage of vital organs such as your heart or liver.
  8. Tooth loss and permanent damage of your teeth.
  9. Loss of senses such as taste, smell, sight and hearing.

A few elite and high-ranking people launched chemical warfare on the rest of humanity by launching the American Medical Association. They abolished affordable natural remedies to common diseases in favour of chemical medication with the sole intention of minting millions from the unsuspecting populace. That heralded the production of processed foods, chemotherapy, GMOs, and vaccines. Even nutrition classes in medical schools were scrapped off.

When undergoing chemotherapy, you are likely to acquire different cancers in other parts of your body. A study published in the Journal of Science Translational Medicine concluded the same. Chemotherapy has adverse effects on any patient but the big pharmaceutical companies have veiled its effects because they want to enrich themselves by using this Ponzi scheme.


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