Natural Ways to Detoxify your Lungs and Prevent Lung Disease

The World Health Organization identifies several risk factors for respiratory diseases, namely, tobacco smoke, second hand tobacco smoke, other indoor air pollutants, outdoor air pollutants, allergens and occupational agents. Possible risk factors include, diet and nutrition and post infectious chronic respiratory diseases. In all these, tobacco smoke the top cause of lung disease. The foregoing makes it very important, for smokers and everyone else who might be inhaling second hand tobacco smoke or other pollutants to continually detoxify their lungs in order to avoid future respiratory problems.

Chronic respiratory diseases affect both the young and the elderly. The World Health Organization lists some prominent lung diseases that affect the world population and they are, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, occupational lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension. WHO further revealed that over three million people die every year from COPD, and a majority of these deaths happen in low- and middle-income countries and that asthma affects about 235 million people around the world.

In the U.S., over nine million people suffer from chronic bronchitis, and 3.5 million are suffer emphysema. The Centre for Diseases Control says there are about 174,000 cases of emergency department visits were linked to chronic and unspecified bronchitis.

Natural News suggests a few ways to naturally detoxify your lungs:

Quit smoking – Tobacco smoke is the number one cause of lung diseases, and it would do a lot of good to get rid of this habit.

Breathing exercises – This sounds simple but deep breathing exercisesmay help detoxify the lungs. Deep breathing would increase blood flow to vital organs and expel unwanted toxins

Stay hydrated – This provides the lungs with fresh blood and fluid, which in turn helps clear out mucus and fend off bacterial infections.

Drink Beverages – A lot of non-alcoholic beverages promote healthy lungs. E.g., drinking water infused with lemons, ginger, or peppermint are known to cleanse the respiratory system. Likewise, carrot juice is known to alkalize the body and facilitate detoxification. In addition, green tea detoxifies the body.

Eat antioxidant-rich foods – Pineapples, grapes and cranberries contain a lot of anti-oxidants which can eliminate disease-causing bacteria in the lungs and maintain a healthy respiratory system.

Eat Herbs – Some herbs are said to have beneficial effects on the respiratory system. An example is oregano which contains natural decongestant and anti-histamine properties that ease nasal airflow and promote lung function.

Eat foods containing potassium – Eating potassium-rich foods may help promote overall respiratory health.

Don’t eat much mucus-producing foods – Mucus producing foods such as dairy, meat, soy, and wheat are harder to digest which is why they trigger mucus build-up in the lungs. Healthier foods include cruciferous vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans, and fish.

Take hot showers – Long hot showers helps the body eliminate toxins. Adding eucalyptus to hot water may provide an expectorant effect, which in turn may alleviate sore throat, nasal congestion and sinus problems.

Stop using lung-irritants – Avoid household products that irritate the lungs, such as fresheners, furniture and floor polish, aerosols and chlorine bleach.


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