Monkeypox is corporate-sponsored state terrorism implies American doctor

Based on mounting evidence, it is undeniable that the new monkeypox scare is yet another fabricated "outbreak" used to commit "domestic terror" against the public – which should know better by now that we are being scammed and terrorised.

Dr. David Martin, who appeared on "Man in America," told his host that the operation's strategy is nothing new.

Throughout the apparent COVID-19 plandemic the world received a heavy dose of it all.

What do you do when you want to terrorise a population? Turn to the professionals says Martin elaborated.

It turns out that monkeypox, like COVID, was planned to be released at this precise point in time.  And many of the same players who profited from covid are expected to profit again from monkeypox.

"I'd like to point out that a lot of people have been very upset about this monkeypox scheduled release in May of 2022 based on a March 21 publication," Martin added.

"And people sit there thinking, 'Oh my gosh – how on earth could they have been so foresighted to know that they were going to have a monkeypox release three days before the alleged outbreak?'"

Back in March of 2021, the global architects scheduled a later monkeypox release that arrived exactly on time "plus or minus three days," Martin notes.

"Listen, this is a willful continuation of a domestic terror campaign, and it is done to keep the public in fear, cognitive dissonance, and disbelief of what Plato described in The Republic," he says.

"You know, Plato mentioned in The Republic that sometimes crimes are so audacious that the mere mention of their audacity paralyses the population."

We the People must say NO to more pandemic tyranny.

Millions of people have already experienced COVID burnout and are unlikely to be afraid of monkeypox, despite the fact that many of the same tactics are being used to spread fear and paranoia about testing "positive" for it.

On the other hand, millions of other people bought into the covid plandemic and continue to believe that there is some invisible threat out there waiting to kill them and their grandmothers – which is why some people still wear face masks in public.

It remains to be seen who will prevail in the next round of health-care battles.  Hopefully, enough people are aware of what is going on to prevent another planned pandemic from taking hold.

The government and the media can scare the public about monkeypox all they want, but their power ends when the public refuses to listen to or comply with any of it.

After all, we the people wield far more power than we realise.

It only takes a few good men and women to stand up to these attempted crimes against humanity, inspiring others to do the same, and a snowball of resistance forms.

"We can be thankful that the CCP-Davos axis chose monkey pox over Marburg, smallpox, and bird flu for their next global pandemic hoax, justifying world depopulation through starvation and lethal injections," wrote someone on Natural News about the situation.

"I read that shingles is a known side effect of the vaccine," wrote another.

"I looked for images on the internet."

Shingles and monkeypox have the same appearance.

"How do doctors distinguish between the two?"


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