Need Design Inspiration? Look to your favourite hotel

(NC) -- How many times have you checked into a hotel and been impressed by the decor? Hotels spend millions of dollars to get that perfect look and feel - one that can appeal to travellers with various design aesthetics. So, if you're looking to reinvigorate your home with a fresh new look, your favourite hotel can be one of the best sources of inspiration.

The hotel experts at Choice Hotels Canada want to help you get that stylish look with five tips to bring the hotel to your home.

Paint the walls: Revive your walls with a fresh coat of paint, but keep it neutral and uncomplicated. If you need colour, consider an accent wall in a slightly deeper tone or a wall vinyl with a modern nature-inspired pattern.

Simplify the furniture: Ditch the bulky, patterned or outdated pieces in exchange for furniture with clean lines and solid colours. But don't worry; you can keep personality with fun accessories, like pillows with funky designs or unique textures.

Brighten the bathroom: A large mirror for the bathroom is a staple in many upscale hotels and it also offers better light. Another quick and easy upgrade are new plush towels – in white, of course.

Unclutter: Get rid of things you don't need such as the miniature horse collection on your fireplace or the 25 frames dominating your bookshelf. Instead decide on a few key things to display and put the rest in storage.

Find your inner Zen: Have you noticed when you check into a hotel room, you often feel a sense of calm? It could be exhaustion from travelling, but hotels are also designed to provide comfort to their guests. Asian-inspired décor pieces can encourage set a spa-like feel in the space and a lavender candle or two won't hurt either.

So turf the designer and do it yourself. With just five easy steps, you can give your personal space the hotel look you love, but without the nightly rate!


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