Clever Tricks to Declutter and Maximize Your Garage Storage Space

The garage is one of the few places in a home where you can comfortably store many things. Since it is usually out of the view of visitors, it easily becomes a mess without little concern for cleaning it.

Over time, you may run out of space, and it would look like the garage is too small to accommodate your storage need. Meanwhile, it is because the garage space needs to be maximized.

This article will highlight clever tricks you can use to declutter your garage and maximize its space.

How to Declutter Garage Storage Space

1. Take a before picture

Take a picture of the cluttered garage before anything else. It will serve as a memory and inspiration later.

At the end of the declutter, you can always share a before and after picture with others to motivate them it is achievable.

During the decluttering, whenever you feel discouraged, comparing the picture with the progress you have made so far will inspire you to continue.

2. Make it fun

Even though it might be tedious, decluttering your garage should not be boring. Create a playlist or listen to a podcast to distract your mind from the stress.

You can involve family members, especially your spouse and children, to reduce stress and get things done faster. Working as a team also makes the task more fun.

3. Separate all clutter

Make a list of all the items in the garage. This might be stressful, but it will help you keep track of everything in the garage.

Using the list, separate all clutter. You can get boxes with labels to identify the different categories of the items.

 The sections may include the following:






4. Gift, sell, and dispose of unneeded items

Not all clutter is useless. You can make extra money by selling unneeded items instead of just disposing of them.

You can conduct a garage sale inviting your neighbours to buy the items you do not need at a clearance price.

Donate those you cannot sell or use to rescue missions, shelters, animal rescues, and other local resources.

Separate clutter for the trash into categories for recycling.

5. Re-arrange your garage

Once you have gotten rid of clutter by donating, selling, and trashing, there should be extra space to re-arrange the needed items in the garage.

Re-arrange the garage by designating parts of the space for related items. For instance, you can have an area for gardening tools and another for storing books.

6. Maintain cleaning routine

You would not like your garage to return to its messy state before you decluttered it.

Schedule a day every month for the cleaning of the garage. This will help to get rid of clutters before they become a mess.

Tricks To Maximize Your Garage Space

Sometimes after decluttering your garage, there would still not be enough space to house the important items.

Here are some tricks to maximize your garage space:

1. Install storage rack

You can take advantage of the spaces above the garage floor by installing overhead garage storage racks.

The overhead racks are perfect for storing items not frequently used, especially out-of-season items like sporting and camping equipment, holiday decorations, faulty piano, and patio furniture.

Ensure that your overhead rack complies with all safety standards and is installed by professionals.

Storage shelves are rated for a maximum weight capacity, and you are advised not to exceed it.

Also, check the ceiling supports to ascertain if it can hold the storage rack.

2. Hang bikes on hooks

Bikes can be stored using hooks. Many bike owners prefer hanging it upside down on ceiling hooks. There are also vertical and horizontal wall mounts to hang the bike against the wall.

3. Use magnetic boards to store small metallic parts

Small metals like bolts and nuts are not usually easy to find in a garage when they roll off.

Store them using magnetic boards. This makes them easier to find and also saves the space that containers would occupy.

4. Roll and keep wires in one place

Wires scattered across a garage might limit its space utilization. Roll the wires and tie them with a paper clip, then keep them together in one place.

You can have them stacked in a container or drawer.

5. Use foldable furniture

If you have furniture in your garage for purposes such as crafting or workshop, redesign them to foldable ones.

A foldable workbench, for instance, can be folded and mounted on the wall once you are done using it.

This method saves space and also makes your garage look more organized.



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