Former U.S. official links Fukushima to terrorism

There is no way that the actual readings of the earthquake would have generated an earthquake.

The quake was a bold faced lie, packing a political agenda. There is even more proof now, and it goes beyond the linked Japanese chart. This original seismic data is the smoking gun, however, I have something better. I finally suppressed the urge to vomit and analyzed the lies told by the USGS, and from them wrote this sad, sad story about how it really was, not what you will see in the video.
Keep in mind that precise top speeds of flying debris cannot be determined with accuracy, but this story will at least be close to the numbers put out by the USGS.

The above video is second recorded clup of Jim Stone's radio interview.  In the interview, Jim Stone indicated that he used to work with an American intelligence agency.

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