Fukushima: The psychopathy of the archons

Ha, Ha... they believed it... we are winning...It is so pathetic to watch. Grown men (it says here) and a grown woman (ditto) reading their script like good little children and when they are finished they can have a sweetie. My god. ‘Leaders of the Western World’ – the ‘Free World’? Terrifying. I wouldn’t pay them in washers.

Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel and their fellow ‘leaders’ (readers) are political prostitutes singing for their supper and the illusion of ‘power’. They have no ‘power’, except officially and in theory. They say what they are told to say and this is why they always say the same.

Ever noticed that? No matter if they are the ‘leader’ in America, Canada, Britain, Germany or France they always agree on the same statements and the same course of action. The media calls this ‘unity’. I call it: ‘Do what we tell you all – or else.’

There are essentially four kinds of ‘leader’: (1) Those who know what is happening and what they are working towards (the few); (2) People who are desperate for ‘power’ for power’s sake and will do and say anything to get it; (3) Those with big secrets to hide through which they can be blackmailed into doing what they are told to do; (4) Idiots who are easily manipulated by ‘advisors’ and public ‘servants’.

Some, like Barack Obama, can be all four. Whichever category it is, singular or in combination, the ‘leaders’ are not chosen by ‘the people’, but by those that control the money and the media – the “archon” networks.

Whenever any of these ‘leaders’ open their mouths-for-sale it is the archons speaking; and given that the archons are born with ‘forked tongues’ it is no surprise that lies issue from their puppet front-people like bullets from a machine gun.

VIDEO: Dr. John Lash discusses ancient Pagan Gnostic insights on the archons which means in Greek "authorities" or "governors"


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