U.S. acts as if they want Fukushima to get worse - Crimes Against our Earth

The Barack Obama regime in the U.S. and its confederates are doing absolutely nothing about Fukushima, aside from reportedly attempting to conceal their Crimes Against Humanity.  The problem is getting worse and worse, and radiation sickness spreads in Japan and begins to spread internationally. How much detruction of our biosphere has to take place before the American people and the rest of the world appreciate the alien agenda that David Icke describes.

It is apparent that the criminals who preside over the Fukushima want it to get worse, and spread their chaos, so that they can execute an apparent alien agenda against human sovereignty.

While the criminals who preside over Fukushima do nothing about it, but seek to oppress the free flow of information on the crisis, these same criminals pursue Nazi-inspired wars in the Middle East, that have been taken from the war plans of Adolf Hilter's Mein Kampf.

Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation recordings of external gamma radiation have become so high, they have gone off scale said veteran nuclear expert said Arnie Gunderson, after the famous physicist, Dr. Chris Busby told the Japanese people this week that radioactive air contamination there is now 300 times that of Chernobyl and 1000 times the atomic bomb peak in 1963, inferring that hundreds of millions of people are now dying from Fukushima radiation, including people in the United States.

internet site: http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/experts-fukushima-off-scale-lethal-radiation-level-100s-millions-deaths


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