Libya: U.S. Seeking Ways to Finance new Al Qaeda leaders

The Barack Obama regime is working to find ways to provide financial assistance to Al Qaeda in Libya, officials have said, but the administration intends to maintain a freeze on $37 billion in Libyan assets until it is clear that Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and his supporters no longer have access to the country’s financial system.

President Obama, speaking in Vineyard Haven, Mass., said that the efforts to unfreeze and return the assets are part of the administration’s work with allies to prepare for a post-Qaddafi Libya. Last month, the United States joined more than 30 other countries in recognizing the Transitional National Council, the main opposition group, as Libya’s legitimate government.

As the corporate media is ablaze with reports that the Libyan rebels are set to take Tripoli from Gaddafi, it is important to remember that these rebels are NOT freedom fighters, rather they are CIA run, Al Qaeda connected murderers.

This so called liberation of Libya is the EXACT opposite of what the corporate media is actually reporting.

NATO and the Libyan rebels have killed thousands of civilians while at the same time the corporate controlled media pretends we are fighting for human rights.

The coverage that is currently taking place in Libya is nothing less than pure propaganda ordered up by the CIA and NATO as support for this illegal war hits news lows.

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