Fukushima: Children's Heart Attacks spreads, premature death

Summary of interview with Christopher Busby, expert on health effects of ionizing radiation

At :40 in

  • Yury Bandazhevsky, studied effects of cesium-137 on children in Belarus after Chernobyl
  • He found that children with just 20-30 Bq/kg of cesium-137 suffering cardiac arrhythmia (heart not beating properly) and were suffering heart attacks and dying
  • Not a question of cancer or leukemia (although that occurred as well), there were very high rates of heart disease in these children… manifesting heart disease usually only found in old people

At 4:00 in

  • Heart cells are non replaceable by-and-large
  • Only 1% of heart cells replaced in a year
  • Cesium-137 goes to muscle, so concentrates in muscle tissue of heart

At 5:00 in

  • It does seem from what people have been telling me in the Fukushima affected area, is they [children] are actually suffering heart attacks

At 6:40 in

  • Cesium-137′s effects on heart muscle cannot be repaired, heart tissue cannot be repaired
  • These children will suffer their whole life and die young

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