Pakistan can survive without US Aid

Americans have laid wide nets to trap weak nations, and Pakistan is unable to come out of tricky US terror trap enacted through Sept-11 hoax. Since Pakistani leadership reproduced the CIA lies about Sept-11 gimmicks as facts it now finds it extremely difficult to tell the truth because that could upset entire US strategy world over. But even if hushed up by big terrocracies and their s puppets like Pakistan, truth remains safe and s will come out in due course!.

Last few decades Pakistani regime and its core media, looking to Washington for favours, have created an illusion that Pakistan simply cannot survive without US aid. Pakistan, therefore, has now a decades-old policy of pursuing foreign policy objectives through alliances with CIA and Pentagon, killing Muslims in exchange for specific favours from Washington.

India, waiting to see a weak Pakistan to which it can also dictate its own terms, deliberately helped USA to l hook Pakistan so that the Muslim nation founded by Jinnah to promote Islam and Muslim interests by being an independent nation, could be manipulated to its advantage and irreparably destabilized.

USA very cunning uses aid to Pakistan as a bargain chip to govern Pakistani polices and terror operations against Muslims. Pakistan can survive without US aid, in fact Islamabad can emerge stronger without those bones thrown form Washington because Pakistanis can sustain themselves on their own.

USA has exploited this fickle mindset of Pakistani leaders aiming at big cash and foreign wealth, promoting corporate lords in Pakistan and USA and working against the genuine interests of Pakistanis. NATO terror syndicate do not seek any stability anywhere in the world, let alone in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya or elsewhere destabilized by Pentagon strategies.

Pakistan's army chief Ashfaq Kayani has advised the US to focus on stabilizing Afghanistan instead of pushing Pakistan to attack militant groups in the crucial border region. Kayani warned the US that it will have to think "10 times" before taking any unilateral action in North Waziristan.

Of late, for reason also not known to people of Pakistan, deceived by the regime, Pakistan has been reluctant to give in to US pressure on the issue. Last month Prime Minister Y. R. Gilani said that his country "will not bow to US pressure" on fighting militancy.

Washington has for many years urged Islamabad to deal with militants in the area, especially the Haqqani network considered by Islamabad as yet another creation of USA , like Al-Qaeda and Taliban networks to help the CIA and pentagon advance US energy security and military bases interests. The Pakistani general said he is least convinced that all problems will be solved by taking action in North Waziristan and destabilize that region as well, killing the tribal Muslims. .

The major mistake, maybe deliberate, by Pakistan regime was to squander the peace deal with Swat leaders which in effect empowered USA to control Pakistan decision making apparatus. Upon drinking Islamic blood in Swat region which was moving towards peace with Pakistani regime finalizing a peace deal there, but derailed soon by US intervention to control the Swat for energy route and Silk route reasons, USA is determined to destabilize entire Pakistan, crippling its economy so that it would b easy for them to lot the Pakistani nukes. Obama, the man who claimed peace maker in Mideast and elsewhere is now opposed to any peace talks with America's own creations like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Haqqani.

The verbal and military fight waged by the US against the network has intensified in recent months and is the main cause of tension between the US-led coalition in Afghanistan and Pakistan. For months, the US has been targeting Pakistani Muslims in Pakistan's tribal areas near the Afghan border, by calling them as members of the Haqqani group.

USA claims its right to kill anyone in occupied nations like Pakistan. Pakistan's military was deeply angered and humiliated when US commandos killed so-called al-Qaeda leader "Osama Bin Laden" allegedly in a secret raid on Pakistani soil in May. The real facts are hidden from the public and world at large. .

A senior US agent working as an official in occupied Afghanistan said that the coalition was "very focused" now on the Haqqani network. He said that CIA thinks that the Haqqani network operates mainly in Khost, Paktia and Paktika provinces, but there has been a significant increase in its activities in Wardak and Logar provinces. NATO terror officials argue that Pakistan's reluctance to confront the Haqqani network has forced them to increase missile strikes against them in their safe haven of North Waziristan.

The Haqqani network has been blamed by CIA rogues network for a series of recent attacks in Afghanistan. The Haqqani network - believed to be linked to the Taliban and al-Qaeda - is accused by CIA of carrying out last month's 19-hour siege of the US embassy in Kabul. Kayani said: "If we need to take action, we will do it on our schedule and according to our capacity."

America is now a land of CIA conspiracies. In order make the Haqqani fiction look like real, US national security adviser Thomas E Donilon is reported to have told Gen Kayani at a secret meeting in Saudi Arabia earlier this month that "Pakistan must either kill the Haqqani leadership, help the US to kill them or persuade them to join a peaceful, democratic Afghan government" USA does not want any peaceful atmosphere in Pakistan and Afghanistan because NATO cannot go further to terror attack new Muslim nations from the CIA hit list. .

Pakistan has long denied supporting the Haqqani group. But as a usual US gimmicks, in September outgoing Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen called the Haqqanis a "veritable arm" of the Pakistani intelligence agency, accusing it of directly supporting the "militants" who had mounted the attack on the US embassy.

Gen Kayani told the closed-door parliamentary defence committee meeting in Rawalpindi that any withdrawal of American assistance would not affect Pakistan's defence capabilities. During the briefing Gen Kayani, reports suggest, defended Pakistani contacts with the group as "useful" for intelligence gathering.

Man of double talk and a tricky dancer, US President B. Obama has taken a key slippery step towards the exit in Afghanistan, while trying to reassure the NATO terrorist military leadership that it is the wrong time to reduce the pressure on the "Taliban". the American military in Afghanistan insists that their enemies are still in the "field" that should be pushed hard, not just this summer but next year as well. So by an intricate dance, speaking from the White House, Obama said it is not easy to quit illegal occupation in Afghanistan.

When Obama the dramatist characterized his intention to pull out more than 30,000 troops by September 2012 as a move conducted from a "position of strength", concerns have been readily raised by some military commanders that this step will reduce the importance of US power as well as pressure on the so-called "insurgency" . Obama said: "It is time to focus on nation building here at home".

Obama raised the US troop level from 68,000 to nearly 100,000. The surge of more than 30,000 combat troops announced by the president in December 2009 was always intended officially as a temporary measure, but in reality it looks like a permanent war scenario only to showcase US terror power and new arms for sale.

Pakistan came into existence in 1947 not expecting any aid from USA or Europe, people had their own strength. Many countries in the world exist without any aid from USA and they are also able to restrict US interferences in their affairs and policy matters.

Once Pakistani regime makes up it mind to help Pakistani Muslims against the will and wishes of brutal Americans who want to use Pakistanis against Islam and Muslims, it would become easier for Pakistan to become a sovereign nation once again to exist with dignity.

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher: Website


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