Gaddafi: NATO sought to destroy Libya's Quality-of-Life

Herein’s what the media refuses to tell us about Libya -- along with the public relations propaganda fabricated deceit that many, if not most, gullible Canadians and Americas, as well as Europeans, seem to have swallowed, hook. line and sinker. 

Watch the above video for more insights.

Folks, the world has experienced yet another lawless deception for “War Legitimization” of magnitude equal to the lies about “weapons of mass destruction” that led to the attack on, and the destruction of Iraq, and the colonial theft of Iraq’s resources.

Have a look at the Libya that the “supposedly exploiting despotic dictator Gaddafi” built in 40 short years, and the services that were provided to every Libyan citizen.

His Crimes were very simple..

He “dictatorially” insisted on independence and running his own affairs without international intervention and exploitation;

- On retaining Libya’s resources for Libyan development;

- On preventing the Multinational Corporations from gaining “privatized access” to Libya’s resources;

- On running his economics from a state-owned interest-free bank, keeping Libya’s finances OUT OF the domain of the World Bank/IMF financial-empire usury crime syndicate;

- On protecting the rest of Africa from ever more aggressive “colonial economic exploitation”.

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Ya know, I just to be one of the proudest Canadians on the block! I remember a few years back after the Iraq war pointing my fingers at my American friends to the South. Telling them "See, we told you so. God didn't bless us the the greatest continent on this planet so that we could take advantage of other continents challenges".

Now ... I'm simply embarrassed. I wonder if I will ever be able to regain my National pride?! :(

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