Iran: Western TV Media conditions World War III mindset

The UK and U.S. are drawing up plans to attack Iran amid growing tensions in the Middle East, it was very recently claimed.

U.S. President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are apparently preparing for a looming World War III, after reports that Iran now has enough enriched uranium for four nuclear weapons.  Yeah?  Bullshit.

The Western TV media has been a key player in Canadians, Americans, and other members of the diverse public accepting an elite-driven World War III plot.

You might ask, how?

Have you ever noticed that whenever you see video footage of Western TV journalists in Iran, there are always the same kind of drab and poor conditions in the backdrop? These TV journalists never seem to shoot around vibrant happy people, in modern attire, walking in and out of modern buildings.

Look at the video above for a few parts of Iran that the Western TV media has sought to keep concealed from its TV viewers.

You might wish to consider asking your local TV network representatives, why have they not shown such video footage on Iran. You are likely not to get much more than “no comment” from them.

Western TV executives are apparently complicit in supporting the mind control of their TV viewers to accept the idea that Iran is populated by primitive war-like people, whose only use for nuclear technology is to create bombs that it will use to destroy Israel. This is ridiculous. There are many Jews living freely in Iran, living side by side with Muslims.

The Jewish community of Persia, modern-day Iran, is one of the oldest in the Diaspora, and its historical roots reach back to the 6th century B.C.E.

Showing the Iran that much of the Western public has not seen, might be the last hope of averting World War III. Indeed, much of the Western public found out about the destructiveness of the Iraqi and Libyan Wars only after these societies had been destroyed.

How would you react to Iranian TV coming to Canada, and always reporting from Canada from the same Vancouver East Side slum area? You would not be blamed for thinking that the Iranians were seeking to spread propaganda about Canada.

Well, that exactly the kind of plot the Western media has been apparently seeking to execute.

Western TV journalists and their camera crews, have been apparently ordered not to show Iran as the modern society that it represents.


That is because we [as in TV executives linked to the political-military-industrial complex] would not want Canadians, Americans, the British people, and continental Europeans to see Iran as a modern society that would need nuclear power, as much as France, Italy, China, or any other modern society.

The Western TV media wants you to think that Iran is such a “primitive society” that the only reason it might possibly be using nuclear technology, is to develop a bomb. The truth of the matter is that Iran’s anti-Israeli statements is rhetoric that has been designed to show strength of leadership, and poses no threat to Israel’s security. Israel says a lot of anti-Muslim statements, and has not dropped their own atomic weapons.

There is no more evidence that Iranian technology is being used to develop atomic weapons, than the so-called evidence that NATO had about alleged Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).


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