Fukushima: Japan uses Fake Decontamination procedures

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Extra, extra: Japan seeks to fool locals with fake "decontamination" procedures.  Who do these guys think they are fooling?  Everyone.. I hope... who has a reasonable amount of education knows that you can't simply "hose-off" radiation.  Indeed, radiation is not like "washing-off" dirt.

FukushimaUpdate.com reports that this “advanced technology decontamination” as per Minister Hosono will be used by 600 fruit orchards (2200 hectares) in 3 municipalities in Fukushima (Date City, Kunimi-machi, Koori-machi) starting in the middle of December."

And guess what: "The fruit farmers themselves will get to do the decon job." 

In the NHK news video below, you can see the sham for yourself.


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