World War III plot: U.S. to send combat ships to Asian ports

Is the U.S. pursuing a World War III plot?

The United States has put forward plans to station Navy combat ships in Singapore and has also been considering more deployments to the Philippines and Thailand.

Asian ports are set to be used more frequently as US officials consider a greater presence in the region.

According to Press TV, US Admiral Jonathan Greenert has stated in an academic article that "several" combat ships will be stationed in Singapore, with the US Navy relying more on host-nation ports where ships, aircraft and crews can "refuel, rest, resupply and repair while deployed."

In his article Greenert says the US could also increase the deployment of aircraft to the Philippines and Thailand in order to track for submarines.

Already, US President Barack Obama has announced that the United States will post up to 2,500 marines in Darwin, Australia, by 2016.

The US, which already has approximately 70,000 troops stationed in Japan and South Korea, has been criticised by some countries for encroaching on new territory.

Russia has criticised the US Military for straying to close to its borders, with the establishment of missile array systems in Poland and Romania.

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